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Serious writers use Mellel. It's the only word processor that gives you the flexibility, reliability and the power you need to get the job done. Easily. Quickly. So you can concentrate on what's truly important: Writing.
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Take total control

Mellel is built to handle your long-form writing, be it a novel or a manuscript, a thesis or a newsletter. Mellel’s array of features empower you to keep order. Organize your outline. Keep your styles in check. Control the tiniest of detail.

Write without worry

A journey of a thousand pages needs Mellel's power. Mellel is stable, consistent, reliable, and boring in the most wonderful way: it doesn’t crash. It's always predictable. Create beautiful documents with ease, without surprise.

Save time & hassle

Mellel works hard to help you work fast. Mellel's powerful tools do automatically what other processors make you do manually. Its smart titles, references, footnotes, bibliography and index tools update live, while you write.

Trust Its Power

Mellel gets the job done. It’s made to handle long and complex written works. Never worry about Mellel crashing or becoming sluggish.

Outline & Structure

Everything great has a strong foundation.
Get the ultimate tool for structuring, viewing, and editing your document before you begin and while you write.

Live Documents

Stop playing the guessing game. See your
citations, cross-references and bibliography in
their final format, as you create your written works.

Find & Fix Anything

This ain’t your standard Find and Replace tool. You can make Mellel find absolutely anything. Define exactly what needs to be searched, found, switched, and fixed.

Best in Languages

There are thousands of languages. Write with the app that aims to support all. With languages, Mellel is unrivaled. It’s support for right-to-left systems is incomparable.

Who Uses Mellel

"I'm an academic, thus a professional writer. Mellel is by far the best word processing program I've ever used."
Academic | Terri
I write books in different languages, about different cultures. I like Mellel because it allows me to move between languages in a very easy way.
Der Spiegel Best-selling Author | Tuvia Tenenbom
I couldn't recommend Mellel enough for writers, researchers interested in getting a crisp final product.
Academic | Neil
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