About Us

RedleX is a privately held company located in Tel Aviv, Israel. RedleX was co-founded in 2002 by Eyal and Ori Redler, and a little later joined forces with GUI designer Guy Hivroni.

The Mellel story

The new operating system begat the idea of starting afresh with a new application, free from the burdenד of the past, its conceptions and its misconceptions.

As a new word processor with a new concept, Mellel gradually gained a small community of users, who believed it would materialise in the future as a neat little application.

Time passed on and Mellel grew far beyond the limits of a neat little application to become a sophisticated word processor, known for its power, reliability and speed. 

Its style system, its outline, its footnotes and endnotes, its bibliography support, its glorious cross reference, its (hugely over qualified) sort system, its track changes, comments, excellent find (and most excellent Find Sets), and multi-lingual features - all  Mellel a reputation amongst scholars and writers as the ideal tool for long document writing, and any "heavy duty" writing project.

Mellel now is a mature product, facing the future and the changes it'll bring. It will continue to change and grow better and better in the future.