Mellel 4.0 - The good and the Excellent

Hi to all, 

We would like to address the elephant in the room: what's up with Mellel 4.0? Well, we have some good news, and some excellent news. 

As some of you may remember, we've been talking about Mellel 4.0 late last year as something that will come soon... And we meant it. Mellel 4.0 was then almost feature-complete and ready for beta testing... And then, as we were wrapping things up for testing, we had some great new ideas... and some improvements to the new features. Should we discard those and go out with what we've got? Or should we postpone Mellel 4.0's release, and go for a better, more complete new feature set? 

We've decided to postpone (which we know is a bit annoying...), improve and at some point re-do things better... Even if that meant releasing Mellel 4.0 later on (and missing out on some big sales...). 

We'll talk about the new stuff in a bit... but we still have the "good news" bit to take care of. Lately, we've been working to re-organise our efforts on the marketing front. We always say Mellel is the best word processor in the world for long and complex documents. Those in the know know this... But it helps if this knowledge goes a bit beyond the people-in-the-know, so some of the people in the don't-know. This will help us, and in turn will help you, and probably also humanity at large. 

But Let's talk about some of the new stuff in Mellel 4.0, which is the excellent bit. 

The outline, for example, is now so much more than an outline: you can use it as an outliner, add notes and highlights, filter headings, and much more. The filter, by the way, made its way into several places (e.g., it's now very easy to find a target for a cross-reference...). 

A New Outline

More powerful than ever

Another new feature is Story. This feature allows you to add story points to your manuscript, and use them to navigate through the document view the story line, attach characters and locations to them, and so on. You can organise those story points anyway you like — by importance, as a timeline, or half a dozen other ways. 


Create your story points, characters and locations

Another new feature is the Index. We've been thinking about this for a while, trying to figure out how to make our index useful, quick, efficient,  an flexible... and while at it 'shave' at least 50 per cent of the time needed to create an index. 


Rich in features...

Quick Index

Will shorten the  index creation process by 50 per cent

A tall order indeed. But we think we did it. It really is the mother of all indexes — feature wise  — and the quickest too. 

The big question is, of course, should I buy now or wait for Mellel 4.0? One very good reason to buy now is that Mellel 4.0's price is about to get higher (including the upgrade price). 

Another good reason: When you buy Mellel now, you get two years of free updates... But the "update clock" does not begin to click until we release Mellel 4.0, so you're not losing 'update time' here at all. (note: this also extend to all the people who purchased Mellel from November 2016 on).

You can buy Mellel here (from us).