Write a review!

You may call this frustration. At least, that's what the people at RealMac, the createors of Ember, call it.  

Dan at RealMac describes how Ember was hit with negative reviews at the Mac App Store. That can happen, only that RealMac could not respond to this review nor address the reviewer to assist him. The reason? There simply is no way to respond to a review.  

e feel the same way. As most of you are aware, Mellel is featured on the Mac App Store. Contrary to what many believe, though, we cannot comment or respond to reviews or questions posted as reviews on the MAS. We really want to, but can't. We cannot even contact the reviewer. 


Ah! The drawing above says it all. It's also tells you that we've bought a Wacom tablet, but that's another story.

Anyway, the not-being-able-to-respond thing create a funny situation: alongside some glorious reviews with five stars and compliments, there are several reviews where people ask simple questions, don't get an answer, get mad (and with a reason, from their point of view) and, well, give Mellel miserable rating.

And this is where you can help us. If you're happy with Mellel, we'd love it if you could go over to the App store and leave a review. It would truly means the world to us. of course, if you're having issues with Mellel, do write to us!

Any review would be of great value, and would help us working on and improving Mellel in the future.