Mellel 3.5 is Here

Mellel 3.5 is here! 

The new version of Mellel features quite a few interesting new features (see below, or see the full list here).  You can download Mellel from here (or a direct link to download, here). 

  • Text boxes: You an now add smart text boxes into Mellel, controlling every aspect of them via a handy pop-over. You can set a text box width and height of a text box, set the padding, the fill colour and transparency, frame type, and colour and corner radius
  • Styling within text boxes: You can style text in text boxes, including paragraph and character attributes and styles, lists and so on
  • Inline and floating boxes: Text boxes can float or be anchored to a position in the text (inline). You can also flow text around text boxes
  • Fitting text boxes width and Height: Make boxes wider or taller to fit the text within it properly
  • Smart Snap for text boxes: you can align text boxes to images, to other text boxes, to the page and writing area centre and edges
  • Smart Snap for images: you can align images to text boxes, to other images, to the page and writing area centre and edges
  • Corner radius for images: allowing you to have the round rect you've always pined for
  • Dashed image frames: you can now set the frame to have dashes, dots, etc. as the frame type
  • Free Weight: You can now edit the Weight of lines (in notes, columns, images, text boxes, etc.) using either set measurements (hairline to 5pt) or setting any other value you'd like to have there
  • Various Improvements: Mellel can now put raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... OK, not really, but there are numerous under the hood and over the counter improvements making the Mellel experience much smoother
  • Fixed Bugs: many, many bugs were securely removed from Mellel, making Mellel more bug-free then ever (if you really miss bugs, you can still find them in other applications, though)

Ori from RedleX