A note about Lifetime of free updates

Several people have contacted us with the same question (or complaint). They all asked something similar to this: "I've purchased Mellel with a promise of free-updates for life... but now, with your newsletter regarding Mellel 4.0 and beyond, and Mellel's return to paid-upgrade, it seems that you've gone back on your word... Is that so?"

Well, it isn't so. 

I'll explain the situation: From 2002 to February 2011, Mellel was offered with a promise of a limited time of free updates (usually, two years). Every Mellel user could update for free during those two years, and then, when the time ran out, she or he could decide whether they want to upgrade (and get two more years of free updates), or keep using their existing version of Mellel. The upgrade fee was 'flat' meaning that it did not matter if your license ran-out of free updates five years ago or today: you could purchase an upgrade for the same fee. 

In February 2011 we moved to a new method, and promised every user who purchased Mellel outside the Mac App Store a "lifetime of free updates." This went on until February 2014, when we pulled the plug on this programme. That is, anyone who registered during those three years (outside the Mac App Store) got a promise for a "lifetime of free updates." We stand by our promise, of course, and all those who've purchased (or updated!) Mellel between those dates will indeed get a lifetime of free updates.

This is a bit confusing, especially if you do not remember if you're one of those who got this promise. Luckily, we keep a good record of registrations — as anyone of you who've lose one knows — and we'll be able to tell you if you're. At any rate, when Mellel 4.0 is out you'll know: Mellel will tell you about the new version, and also of your situation (eligible to upgrade for free or not). Remember, in addition that if you purchase Mellel now you'll get Mellel 4.0 and beyond as a free updates as part of your two years of free updates.