Mellel 3.3.3 is here!

Mellel 3.3.3 is here! Click here to go and download it. 


What's with the new version? Lot's of bug fixes, but first and perhaps foremost, some nice mini-updates:

  • Recent fonts displayed in the Font menu (Character palette). From now on, you'll be able to easily access recent fonts. 
  • Footnotes and Endnotes: Added format + Space to note symbol formats selection. A much requested new feature, allowing you to set note number and Space following it. 
  • RTF Export: Added an option to control the resolution of converted vector images when exporting to RTF. This solves a problem with exporting vector images, as those are not supported correctly in RTF. 
  • Auto-title improvement: Structure levels without a name (empty) are not displayed in the Insert Auto-title menu or the Auto-title palette. This makes Auto-titles easier to use, without yawning gaps between structure levels and tag levels. 
  • Auto-title improvement: Icons for structure and tag levels, separator between structure and tag levels, and tag levels names displayed in blue - all in the Auto-title palette. And this just make things look nicer. 
  • Sign up dialogue (App store users).
  • And, well, lots of bug fixes...