We’ve Expanded!

We’ve Expanded!

So, remember when we said we had some good and some excellent news? 
Well, in addition to the release of Mellel 4 -- and who isn’t excited about that -- Eyal and I (I’m Ori, in case you don’t know me) added some friends and created the new and expanded Mellel team.

Yes. We have expanded! The new team consists of some folks who’ll help us grow and expand our support and learning resources, some who will help us get our site together in a more together way, and others still will help us do some marketing... Yes, it almost defies belief, but these folks will help us market Mellel much more seriously. All are humble folks without temptation, so we’re going to have ourselves a time.

Why did we do that? Why? Well, over the years we’ve heard from you that our support isn’t what it used to be or should be. To be very delicate with ourselves, It wasn’t great. To remedy this, we’ve now created with our expanded team an extensive resource and tutorial web, to help anyone who wants to master Mellel. In addition, Eyal and I will also be aided in the near future with posts and support for users by others on the Mellel team. Treat them kindly. Don’t drink and drive. Sip strawberry milkshakes with a straw.

Yeah, and in that spirit: if your friends (or you) always felt that Mellel is great, but the learning curve is too steep — send them to our site in about a month. We’re re-launching it soon, and you’ll certainly see the difference in the level of learning support.

As always, we look forward to your feedback - see you in the forum (and later on, in our revamped blog).

Oh, lest I forget: Our new site and resource centre goes up first of September. Check it out.

Ample parking day and night to you all,

Ori from Mellel Inc.