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Get on Top of Things: Keep Your Document in Order

Everyone who ever wrote a long document knows this: the longer the document gets, the harder it is to keep in order. The whole thing becomes a huge mess of headings, tables, captions, images, bookmarks, and what not.

In comes Mellel. Mellel's superb Outline tool allows you to keep things in order. It gives you a bird's eye view of your entire document, lists all the tables, images, bookmarks (all together or separately), allowing you to easily locate, jump to, move and change, collapse and expand the view, and so on. The longer your document gets, it's still easy to control it with Mellel.

Looks Matter

The way your documents look makes a difference. Mellel offers an unparalleled set of features allowing you to control how your document looks: Page, Section, Paragraph, and Character styles, Auto-titles, Lists, footnotes and endnotes: you can design all of those to the tiniest detail.

Best of all, you get to keep it: Mellel's powerful Style Sets assures that you'll be able to use any set of styles you've created with every document. Design once, use everywhere.

Design (and Re-Design) Your Headings

Ever wanted to design your headings? Well, with Mellel you really should.

Mellel's excellent Auto-title feature allows you to set a heading with multiple parts (numbering, title, numbering, tabs, and so on; apply different character styles to every part, determine how it will look in the Table of Contents, in the Outline, in Cross References, or in a repeating header (mention). And you can do that, and much more, with nine levels of heading and up to 99 caption headings (for images, tables, etc.).

What's it good for? Nothing, really... That is, until you need to get all 241 titles 1 point smaller, your numbering 1 point larger, while inserting a line break after the title. With Mellel, you can do that with a few mouse clicks and in 1 minute.

Some of Mellel's Wonderful features


Add smart and sophisticated, multi-part headings to your document, re-using them with your Outline and ToC.

Paragraph Styles

Style your paragraphs with spacing, hyphenation, space above and below, keep with, and more.


Enjoy Mellel's smart and easy to use tables, with control over lines, padding, alignment, and more.

Find and Replace

Find and Replace using a smart RegEx-like language, with style-based find and replace, find expressions, and more.


Enjoy a best-of-breed X-Ref system, supporting reference to pages, headings, images, bookmarks, and more.


Add comments to your document, with an easy-to-use interface, and complete control over styling in the comments.

Character Styles

Harness the power of Mellel's sophisticated character styles with smart variations, applying changes with ease.

Find Sets

Utilise Mellel's Find Actions in sequence, to perform multiple Find and Replace actions with a stroke of a key.

Page Styles

Design how your headers, footers and page looks using an easy-to-use and powerfull editor.


Enjoy Live Bibliography, match any element with the suitable style in Mellel, pack and move references, and more.


Add inline or floating images to your document, float text around images and use auto-line-adjustment.


Take advantage of the most sophisticated citation system, vis-a-vis your Bibliography reference software.

Track Changes

Track changes in your document, including pause, four view modes, and informative and easy to handle 'bubbles'.


Enjoy the power: Create lists with minute control over every aspect or element in your list.

Word Count

Use the statistics palette to count words, paragraphs, lines, tables, images, notes, hyperlinks, and more.

Export to PDF

Export to PDF including ToC, bookmarks, hyperlinks, cross-references, markers, annotations, and more.

Line Numbering

The best and smartest line numbering system at your service: any imaginable option you'll need, and then some.


Smart, yet simple, markers system to mark, move between markings, and find and replace marked text.


Add, paste and modify hyperlinks easily, from web addresses to email and locally stored files.


Never be a loser: Even if all the backup methods fail, Mellel's backup is always there to retrieve what's lost.


Mellel's best-of-breed Sort feature can do just about anything... and then some... And some more.

30 Day Trial • Regular: $39 • Education: $29