Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.8

  • Resolved a problem that caused artifacts to appear when working with longer documents at zoom levels other than 100%.
  • Fixed a bug that cause Mellel to crash when pressing the arrow keys in the find field under some very specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the iCloud menu to appear empty sometimes.
  • Fixes an issue that caused cashes when receiving updates from iCloud.
  • Fixed some minor memory leaks. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes sometimes with documents containing many citations.

Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.7

  • Fixed a few memory leaks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel not to apply size selected in the main font size popup (or the Other diglugue) if the size was the same as the size of text at the beginning of the selection.
  • Fixed an issue where mellel would sometimes crash when clicking parts of the text after editing a Cross reference and possibly other elements such as citations, hyperlinks and so on.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause bibliography scanning to fail with documents containing oddly formatted XML data for citations.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Mellel to crash sometimes (very rarely) when editing documents containing citations.
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused Mellel to crash when moving the cursor using the arrow key under some rare circumstances.
  • Corrected "Copy X attributes" menu localisation in Spanish.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mellel from copying text when viewing a document in the "Versions" browser.
  • Fixed some minor issues causing some Console output when opening the page style editor and editing a header/footer.

Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.6

  • Added support for Traditional Chinese DOS encoding. This fixes an issue that caused some styled Chinese text to become garbled when pasting from scrivener
  • Fixes an issue which caused a mysterious "systemParStyle" paragraph style to appear in the paragraph style list after setting the style to a paragraph containing a citation or hyperlink
  • Fixes an issue that caused crashes and all sorts of odd behaviour when editing and saving documents that contained empty citations and hyperlinks
  • Fixed an issue that would cause crashes and other misbehaviour when editing around inlines that contained track changes while the annotations pane was open

Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.5


  • When opening the character style editor window, the currently selected variation (if applicable) is selected, instead of the base variation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem that caused Mellel to sometimes fail to export or copy to rtf with texts/documents containing images
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to hang when performing Replace All of "any"->"found expression"+attributes, with documents containing hyperlinks. Possibly solving other issues with editing and modifying hyperlinks
  • Replace All stays put: original selection is maintained when performing Replace All, instead of moving to the location of the last replacement
  • Fixed issues where a lot of redundant Undo actions were registered when switching between the Find and Replace strip and the document.
  • Fixed an issue with Undo/Redo in the Find and Replace fields being blocked after switching out of Mellel or out of the Find field
  • Fixed an issue that caused fonts attributes not to be preserved when correcting text using Grammarian
  • Editing variable names in the Document Setup dropping sheet is now blocked. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused all sorts of inconsistencies in the UI regarding the Character Attributes of inlines (citations, hyperlinks, auto-titles, etc) after making changes "inside" via the editor or via Find and Replace.

Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.3


  • Recent fonts displayed in the Font menu (Character palette).
  • RTF Export: Added an option to control the resolution of converted vector images when exporting to RTF
  • Footnotes and Endnotes: Added format + Space to note symbol formats selection
  • Auto-title improvement: Structure levels without a name (empty) are not displayed in the Insert Auto-title menu or the Auto-title palette
  • Auto-title improvement: Icons for structure and tag levels, separator between structure and tag levels, and tag levels names displayed in blue - all in the Auto-title palette
  • Sign up dialogue (App store users)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pasting as plain text text containing umlauts and other non-spacing marks copied from a PDF would produce bad positioning of the non spacing marks
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mellel from finding "reference" elements in the text
  • Drawing the Tab well disabled when window is not frontmost
  • Drawing ruler view as enabled when on the edit paragraph style window
  • Fixed an issue that allowed pasting text containing footnotes/endnotes into headers/footers which resulted in documents that did not open
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused temporary garbled rendering of tables in headers/footers
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang sometimes when exporting documents containing many large pdf/pict images to rtf
  • RTF import, added support for chariest 134 (code page 936 - Simplified Chinese)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused garbled output when pasting styles Chinese text
  • Reduced height of bibliography style mapping window to allow fitting on smaller screens, return as shortcut for "Save" in the bibliography style mapping window
  • Fixed an issue where revision marks (vertical bars next to text) were not displayed for changes immediately after turning on track changes
  • Fixed a bug that caused cross-references deleted under track-changes to become undeleted when re-opening the containing document.

Release Notes for Mellel 3.3.2

Bug fixes and enhancements: 

  1. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to produce inoperable documents when importing RTF documents containing track-changes insertions/deletions inside comments.
  2. (13161) PICT and PDF images are converted to 600DPI bitmaps when exporting to RTF. Correctly exporting the image vertical positioning. This improves rtf export of documents with MathType/MathMagic equations.
  3. (13131) Fixed a bug that caused the "lookup in dictionary" item to be missing from the context menu when right-clicking a word inside a footnote/endnote.
  4. (13250) Fixed a bug that prevented making selections with the mouse to inlines (citations, hyperlinks) inside tables.
  5. (13129) Fixed some issues that could have caused Mellel to crash sometimes while saving (or auto-saving).
  6. (13160) Correctly removing pipe delimiter in inserted citations.
  7. (13209) Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented showing a context menu when right clicking text in a comment.
  8. (13208) Fixed a bug that prevented context menu from being displayed when right-clicking a floating image.
  9. (13210) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when inspecting an IAP info in the store window (Lite version).
  10. (13200) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when right clicking a hyperlink in certain circumstances.
  11. (13192) Find pane expanded by default.
  12. Handling of no open library in bookends
  13. (13108) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel fail to open RTF files produced by Ulysses.
  14. (13124) Fixed an issue that caused the text of the RegEx editor field to disappear temporarily after deleting parts of it.
  15. (13084) Changed default value for "Go To Page" dialog. When showing for the first time, the current page is used as the value, for subsequent times, the last value (if valid) is used.

New Features with Mellel 3.3

  2. New background for annotations pane
  3. Find Strip in document window
  4. Revised Find Set window
  5. Printing of the annotation pane (if visible while printing)
  6. Automatic crash reporting
  7. Added small caps mapping to bibliography setup
  8. Built in support and beta report forms
  9. Added “insert hyperlink” to contextual menu
  10. Smarter conversion of text to auto title when creating an auto title from a selection: if the format specifies a character style (or an associated character style to the paragraph style) then the style is applied on the text by mapping the text attributes to the variations in the style (unless the format also specifies a style variation in which case the variation is applied on the whole text). When the format doesn’t specify a style, the styling inside the text is preserved.
  11. Drawing parts of the document and find set windows mode dimmed and subdued when not the main window. Including: Document and Find set bottom bar area, find strip controls, ruler, document page shadow and style well
  12. Synchronising between landscape setting in page setup and the setting in the doc. When opening the dialog, the setting is set according to the first page range. When applying, the setting is applied on all page ranges (if changed)
  13. Preferences option to control showing the user name and date in annotation bubble. Concentrated bubble options in preferences document setup
  14. Bubble buttons are not normally drawn, shown when mouse is over the bubble.
  15. More options for changing a note's stream:
    1. While editing a note via the context menu "Note Stream" Submenu
    2. While editing a note via Insert->Note->Name of stream
    3. While the note reference is selected by choosing Insert->Note->Name of stream.
  16. Allowing overriding "Hebrew Quotes fix" by pressing control and typing single or double quotes.
  17. When inserting a table, default direction for the table comes from the current paragraph direction and not the last used direction.
  18. Simplified and improved rendering of auto title titles in mentions, TOC and xref. Variations in the title are mapped to the corresponding variations in the output style except for base which is mapped to the variation specified in the format element. Overrides from the format element are then applied on the resulting string.
  19. (12770) Keyboard shortcut for opening/closing the annotations pane (cmd+option+O)
  20. Added “Forgot Code” button to Registration Code window

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when dealing with text wrapping around images in certain narrow margin situations. Slightly better logging when dealing with the email service
  2. Changed rendering of “dangling mentions”, drawing a thing space instead of <#???#> and marking it with a red frame on screen
  3. Fixed an issue where changes in the user hyphenation dictionary wouldn't be shown inside tables after pressing "Refresh open documents"
  4. Allowing to search for citations, auto titles and hyperlinks inside "all"
  5. Fixed a bug that caused the last letter to be chopped off of auto titles when approving a track changes modification applied to them
  6. Revealing the correct bubble page when making document text selection involving TC elements or comments
  7. Fixed a problem that caused bad display of insert mention and insert element popups in the header/footer editing overlay under Mavericks
  8. Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang and crash sometimes when rendering documents with very long footnotes whose “may split” setting is not “anywhere”.
  9. Fixed an issue where some text in headers and footers of imported RTF document would be hidden.
  10. Fixes an issue where some headers and footers of imported rtf documents would not be imported at all.
  11. Fixed an issue that caused attribute changes (switching bold, italic, etc on or off),  to be ignored if a tracked changes (deletion/insertion) happens to start at the same location when exporting RTF.
  12. Hebrew quotes fix now works in the find strip fields
  13. Improved rtf font matching method. Resolves many issues in importing and pasting styled text from other applications
  14. Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to hang when choosing “save” or “Save as” with new documents when “system auto-save” is enabled
  15. Added “Language” submenu in the context menu.
  16. Opml export panel: fixed inlude->include.
  17. Improved font matching for cocoa rtf. Improves opening and pasting from other rich text Cocoa applications.