Mellel for Academics

Mellel for Academics

The Problem

You have a problem. Let’s not start naming names, but your current word processor is unpredictable, illogical, untidy, erratic, and unnecessarily complicated. Plus, once you pass the 50  pages marks, its knees often start to buckle. In short, it gives you a headache.

While some of those attributes may be acceptable with circus clowns or freshmen students, with your main work tool you expect something less exhilarating: a workhorse that is predictable, logical, tidy, and steady. A word processor that will be able to carry the load, with hundreds of pages full of footnotes, figures, headings, citations, cross-references, and so on.


That’s Mellel for you: a word processor that will always do what it’s told. It’ll do all the boring tasks reliably, freeing you to do the real task: write.

A Real Word-horse

Mellel is a powerful work-horse. It offers you a peerless set of features for academic writing: superb support for citations and bibliography, excellent footnotes and endnotes feature, inimitable outline to organise your work, unique and time saving style system, world-class cross-reference, comments, track-changes, and so on.



Tried and Tested

Mellel is a mature word processor. It first entered the Mac OS X arena in 2002, more than 12 years ago. Since then, it saw 21 major updates, and at least 50 minor ones, from 1.0 to the current version. It saw dozens of academic books, hundreds of master and doctoral theses, and countless other scholastic papers written with it. It stood the test.

Allowing you to create complex papers requires abilities and stamina.  Mellel excel with both.

  • Power and Stability: when someone writes a book or a doctoral thesis with a word processor, he needs it to be able to handle hundreds of pages of text, thousands of notes and footnotes, images and captions, tables, and so on. If you’re writing a 5 page long document, you can live and prosper with any text editor. For serious writing, though, stability and power are the absolute must-have. And this is where Mellel truly excels. No matter how long and complex the document, Mellel simply gets the work done.
  • Order and Control: To handle long and complex academic papers you need a writing tool that allows you to keep things in order and under control. Mellel’s superb Outline feature allows you to view your entire document’s structure, and organise and reorganise it easily. Mellel’s styles, at the other end, make it easy to maintain your document styling in order. With hundreds of headings and style changes, Mellel’s efficient style system will save you immeasurable amounts of time, especially as your document grows in length.
  • Correctly Referring: Mellel offers highly sophisticated and ingenious  features for adding and referring to footnotes and endnotes, citations and bibliography, captions, headings, cross-references, and more. You can, for example, maintain several independent streams of footnotes (e.g., for author, translator, and temporary notes) and unify them at any point; You can create running headers referring to one or more heading in the text, use the powerful Live Bibliography option, cross reference just about any piece of text (or image) in your text with flexibility and ease; and more.
  • Fixing stuff: When it comes to reviewing your work, Mellel offers a range of excellent tools. You can, for example, use Mellel’s powerful find and replace to create Find Actions (and Find Sets of Actions) to automatically handle complex search and replace. You can also mark text and add comments, and also use Mellel’s powerful Track Changes feature to track changes in the text.


Think Different

Mellel truly thinks different. One oft sounded comment about Mellel is that it has a ‘learning curve’. This is true… but also not true. Mellel may have a learning curve if you come expecting it to be like “Let’s-not-start-naming-names.” Once you realise that Mellel does indeed think differently, things get a whole lot easier.

Some examples will make this easier to understand:

  • Configure once, use everywhere: Mellel is organised in such a way that once you figure out how to use one feature, you’ve figured out how to use any feature. They all work very similarly, and are applied everywhere.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness: Mellel’s Graphic User Interface is simple and subdued. No rows of curlicued toolbars and buttons, or flamboyant special effects. This was done on purpose: eye-candy may elicit wows, but with a work tool you’ll be using for hours on end the interface needs to be as clear and as non-intrusive as possible: a limited colour scheme, and as few buttons as possible, so selection is made easier and simpler.
  • Logical Hierarchy: Mellel offers a clear hierarchical organisation of attributes: Page ranges, sections, paragraphs and character styles are clearly separated and do not overlap or mix with each other. Character attributes relate to characters, paragraph attributes to formatting of paragraphs, and so on. In addition, styling and content are strictly separated, so objects such as headings, citations, cross-references, or lists are not set by the style you use.
  • No Warning Dialogue: An info or warning dialogue (are you sure you want to do this? Can we interest you in another option? Do you wish to start using this?) are the lazy programmer’s way to pass the buck to you. Mellel doesn’t behave this way. It very rarely displays a warning dialogue, so you sail for months without tackling offers or questions you can do without.

Try Different

Try before you buy. You can try Mellel, with minimal restrictions (mainly, a watermark when printing or with PDF) for 30 days. Give it some thought, and we’re sure you’ll find it is the best thing out there for your needs.

Mellel was created with scholars and writers in mind, because that’s who we are too. We wanted to write our own books and research with a writing tool that fits our needs. And we did – create Mellel and write books with it. We believe this is the way to write software. We believe you’ll feel the same way after trying Mellel.

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