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Tip: A Smarter Outline

Tip: A Smarter Outline

The Outline in Mellel is very smart. If it was a human being, it would certainly go on to become a certified botanist. But it can be smarter.
One of the ways to make it smarter is to use it as a means to keep track of your project status — for example, to mark parts of your manuscript that still need some work done.
Here’s a short how-to:

  1. Double-click an Outline item that you wish to mark to open it and select one of the Markers.. Once marked, you will be able to spot this item easily in the Outline and within the document text itself (the headings will be marked there too).
  2. Repeat as needed with any part of your document that still needs work done.
  3. To spot only items that meet the “still need work” criterion, go to the filter at the bottom of the Outline pane and from the Marker pop-up menu choose the marker you’ve used for this criterion.

Mellel will now display only the “still need work” items, allowing you to easily take care of them.
Of course, you’re not limited to one marker and you can use the same method to mark and then spot items that are partial, need additional citations, image-needs-updating, and so on (although, it’s probably best to limit this to two or three markings at most, so not to jumble your Outline).

That’s a smarter Outline for you.


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