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Bibliography in Mellel

Bibliography in Mellel

A new and wonderful video is here — and it’s all about bibliography. You can view it using the link below:

Following is a transcript of the video:

Hi and welcome to a Mellel Quick Tutorial.
Over the next couple of minutes We’re going to show how to create bibliographies in Mellel, and give you a quick taste of the power of Mellel.
Mellel is a very powerful mac word processor directed at people who are serious about their writing. It’s especially suited for writing academic papers with lots of citations and bibliographies.
Working with bibliographies in Mellel involves using another application – a reference manager. The reference manager handles managing your references, formatting citations and bibliographies, and lets Mellel do what it does best: Edit and format your manuscript.
Here, we’ll use Bookends, an excellent reference manager which works extremely well with Mellel.
You can also purchase Bookends in a bundle with Mellel at a reduced price.

Inserting a Citation
Inserting a citation into Mellel is simple: find the relevant reference in Bookends, and drag it over to the Mellel window. You can also press command+Y to insert a citation at the insertion point. The end result is the same.
If you want your citations to be placed in a footnote, simply insert a footnote in Mellel, and then drag the citation from Bookends into the footnote in your Mellel document.
Citations are highlighted in the text for your editing convenience. This highlighting will not be displayed when you print or export the document to PDF. You can also turn it off in the Show options.

Scanning and Creating a Bibliography
To create a bibliography, press the Scan button in the Bibliography palette. Bookends will pop up and ask you to pick a bibliography format. As you can see, there are many to choose from, and you can also customise and add your own formats. Let’s pick Turabian and see what happens.
Scanning does two things: it formats the citations in their final format — that is, the format you wish to see in print — and it also adds a bibliography at the end of the document. To choose a different format after scanning, simply unscan and then scan again. This time, let’s pick MLA.
As you can see the final format for the citations in the text looks different as well as the bibliography.
Now let’s add another citation to the text, the citation is shown in its non-final format and is not added to the bibliography. To correct that, click the Scan button again. The citation will take its final format the bibliography will be updated.

Live Bibliography
Pressing the Scan button every time you add or remove citations or make other edits in the text gets old very fast. To remedy that, you can use Live Bibliography.
How do we do that? Well, we just check the “Live Bibliography” checkbox at the bottom of the Bibliography palette, and get on with our lives. As we add citations, the citations are automatically formatted to the final format, and the bibliography is updated instantly.
That’s it for this quick Mellel tutorial. We’ll see you next time.


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