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Duplicating Footnotes

Duplicating Footnotes

Hi to all,

Here’s a useful tip. As you all know, the footnotes in Mellel are the greatest invention since saying “cheese” when taking a picture. But one thing was always a problem: how to reference the same note from two different places. For example:

There were ways around this. You could simply duplicate the footnote:

Content-wise, this works perfectly, but leads to having two separate notes with identical content, which is not a good thing to have. 

Another option was to simply “fake-note” this. That is, to type the note number with your very own fingers, and than superscript it to look like a note:

This works fine, except when you add some more notes before your non-fake note — the numbering of the real note will update, but not so with the fake-note — it will ‘point’ to the wrong note:

What is needed is a reference that both avoids duplicating notes and updates when the text changes. Which is the following:

  1. Add a footnote or endnote to the text, then add a bookmark (Insert > Cross Reference > Insert Bookmark) at the beginning of the note (at the bottom of the page or at the end of the document). Give the bookmark a useful name (and not the footnote number!)
  2. When you need to refer to the same note, choose Insert > Cross Reference > Insert Reference.
  3. In the Edit Reference dialogue, choose the bookmark you’ve created, and in the format area choose Note Symbol from the Elements pop-up menu.

That’s it. From now on, when the note number will change, the reference will update with it: 

Ain’t that great?


That’s all for now. See you again soon.


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