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Keeping it together

Keeping it together

Hi to all, 

Today, we’re gonna talk about keeping things. That is, about Mellel’s “Keep Options” — one of Mellel’s strongest features, and also one of its least understood features. 

Mellel’s Keep options are available via the paragraph style (only the Paragraph Style  Editor, not the Paragraph palette). Key to understanding them is to know with which type of style you should use the various options. 

Several rules should serve as a useful guide:

1. To edit the Keep With options click in the document within a paragraph style you wish to edit and choose Styles > Paragraph Styles > Edit (the desired style). You can also position the insertion point within a paragraph style and click the Paragraph row in the Style well in the Toolbar. 

2. Keep Lines together: This option can be used with basically any style, but you should note that setting the option “All Lines in a Paragraph” from the Options pop-up menu should be used mainly with headings, which span over 1-3 lines that should be kept together. Using this option with Body Body paragraph styles will probably result in a havoc (think: a 24 lines long paragraph that needs to move to the next page). 

3. Lines at start/end: you’ll usually be better setting those to 2 at start and 2 at the end. No more, but no less. Setting this to 1 doesn’t make sense, as it will not prevent widows/orphans (that is, single lines at the top or bottom of pages) — which is the whole purpose of this option. Setting this to 3 will usually be too much: this would create a situation where if the paragraph is not at least 6 lines long, it will usually be moved to the next page, and you’ll find yourself with a lot of empty space at the bottom of pages. 

4. Keep with next: this one should be used only with a heading style. With those styles it can prevent a heading being separated from the 2-3 next lines of text at the bottom of a page. Using this option with Body text, however, does not help at all and will result in funny situations (and not of the ha-ha kind).

That’s all for today. See you next time. 


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