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Main New Developments on Mellel v4.2

Main New Developments on Mellel v4.2

Well hello, there dear Mellel users!

Usually, we do not like to talk about stuff we did not complete. Either it’s there — and then we can talk about it, or we shut our mouth.

Why is that? Because talking about stuff you did not actually do can hit the rather nasty snag of not being able to do it, for whatever reason. Us don’t like this.

But then again, ever since we posted our posts on the subject (you know, the hilarious ones with the brilliant GIF joke), people kept inquiring us regarding the changes we have in mind.

The thing is, we just love our tables!

Seriously though, the main new feature we can talk about is a completely new, written from the ground-up tables feature – which does two things:
one is getting in all the stuff you’ve asked for or was missing in our tables feature;
the other is doing some very nice stuff you did not ask for, but would probably want.

Repeating headers? Check.
Table styles? Check.
Tables header and footer? Check.
Alternating rows? Check, check, check!

But you can also do other things, like shape cells, have your headers look like a parallelogram with rounded corners, and contort things to fit your beautiful, whacky or droopy design (as in our case below:).

Write on!
The M-Team

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