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Mellel 3.3.1 is Here

Mellel 3.3.1 is Here

Mellel 3.3.1 is here!

With this release, we’ve fixed numerous bug fixes, especially with regards to RTF problems.

There are also two noteworthy additions: a Brazilian Portuguese localisation for Mellel and a (much requested) fix to the behaviour of the opening or closing of the Find strip. From now on, Cmd+F will always open or focus on the strip (if already open) and Cmd+J will close it and scroll to the right spot in the document.

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  1. Jeffrey Zents

    As of March 22 when I try to download from this website I get 33b2. That is what I have on my machine and when I ask it to try for updates it tells me I have the latest, which is 33b2. I suspect this is a naming error only as my 33b2 seems to have the behavior described in this blog post. I hope that the naming error will be corrected with the next release. Cheers!

    From: Jeffrey Zents Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
  2. Brian A. Levine

    I can’t find where to download 3.3.1, either. Whenever I click to download, I keep getting mellel_33b32.dmg…

    From: Brian A. Levine Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
  3. Nicholas Aleshin

    Where is it? Where is the download?

    From: Nicholas Aleshin Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
  4. C. Paul Barreira

    I suppose a ribbon is forthcoming! The “find” box is, to my way of thinking, most deleterious. And now there seems no keyboard shortcut to close it as required. Repeating “command-f” worked fine. And why not keep it all as a separate free floating box? “Command-w” then closed it. Creeping inflexibility seems the order of the day in all matters Apple.

    From: C. Paul Barreira Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
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