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Mellel 3.3.5 is Here!

Mellel 3.3.5 is Here!

Mellel 3.3.5 is here! Click here to go and download it.

Several interesting new features with this version:


  • When opening the character style editor window, the currently selected variation (if applicable) is selected, instead of the base variation
  • Replace All stays put: original selection is maintained when performing Replace All, instead of moving to the location of the last replacement

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem that caused Mellel to sometimes fail to export or copy to rtf with texts/documents containing images
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to hang when performing Replace All of “any”->”found expression”+attributes, with documents containing hyperlinks. Possibly solving other issues with editing and modifying hyperlinks
  • Fixed issues where a lot of redundant Undo actions were registered when switching between the Find and Replace strip and the document
  • Fixed an issue with Undo/Redo in the Find and Replace fields being blocked after switching out of Mellel or out of the Find field
  • Fixed an issue that caused fonts attributes not to be preserved when correcting text using Grammarian
  • Editing variable names in the Document Setup dropping sheet is now blocked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all sorts of inconsistencies in the UI regarding the Character Attributes of inlines (citations, hyperlinks, auto-titles, etc) after making changes “inside” via the editor or via Find and Replace.


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  1. sss

    How about a new approach to tables, Ori??

    From: sss Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
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