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Mellel 3.3 Beta (Build 27)

Mellel 3.3 Beta (Build 27)

A new beta version is out.

Read about it here.

As usual in such matters – well, at least in our betas – there are a lot of improvements and enhancements. We always think that the beta is feature complete… And we always turn out to add some functionality. Ah, well. Try it – it’s good for you. It’s healthy. It tells tasteful jokes.

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  1. Jorge Araujo

    Sorry if this was already asked for, but a tool for creating indexes (authors, terms, etc) would be very welcome. Thank you.

    From: Jorge Araujo Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  2. Jim

    Any future thoughts for allow dual panes to look at the same document but two different locations?

    From: Jim Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  3. Yes, we have some ideas about that, but no concrete details yet, I’m afraid.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2013
  4. Denis

    Please, do add automatic insert for narrow non break space for us French writers ! Before ?, !, :, ;

    Please, please, please !! I dream if switching to Mellel once and for all !

    From: Denis Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  5. Hmmm, that’s an interesting thought… A good idea for implementation in the near future.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2013
  6. SDempsey

    Eagerly awaiting the next 3.3 beta build! When can we expect it?

    From: SDempsey Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  7. Alexandre

    I would like to print a selected text; actually, I don’t know if this is possible already, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for considering; btw I like very much the whole project.

    From: Alexandre Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  8. Dear Alexander – do you mean printing a selection in the text or printing text marked as a selection (or with markers)?

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2013
  9. Danny Zacharias

    please consider moving Mellel’s preference files to iCloud for 3.3 or 3.4 so that we can work smoothly from computer to computer

    From: Danny Zacharias Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  10. Hi Danny – do you mean having the option to share the preferences (you probably also means the Mellel folder in Application support) via iCloud? This wouldn’t make it into 3.3 (no new features in the beta) but it’s a thought for 3.4, for sure.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2013
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