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Mellel 3.3 Beta is Here!

Mellel 3.3 Beta is Here!

Mellel 3.3 Beta (build 25, if you really must know) is out and about: New features, old features becoming better, and several goodies.

Read all the info about it here. You’re all invited to download it, comment, suggest, and report any problem you’ve encountered with this beta.
And, just to teas your appetite, an image from the new beta.

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  1. Virginia Garrett

    Is this program for Mac only?

    From: Virginia Garrett Comment posted on: 8-9-2014
  2. Timotheus

    The new Comments feature is very nice. But I would like it even more if it were possible to eliminate from a comment the name, date and time stamp, which in some cases will be useful, but in other wholly redundant.

    From: Timotheus Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  3. silv

    I really like the comments and all the listed new features. So far it’s working well… I’ll let you know if I run against issues.
    I do have a questions, though. I was expecting also the index (for book index creation) function to be incorporated. Is this likely to happen within this latest update? Can you shed some light on this, please?

    From: silv Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  4. Nick

    Click on the links,
    first on this page “Mellel 3.3 Beta is Here! (….) > Read all the info about it here.” (click on the word “here”)
    and then, “Getting the latest beta > The first thing you need to do is click here!” (same procedure)
    The download should start immediately!

    From: Nick Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  5. Igor


    I cannot find the place on your web site with the link for the beta version.

    Thus my question: what was fixed and if the fix is comlete?

    Kind regards,


    From: Igor Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
  6. Hi Igor, I think Nick’s got it right.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2013
  7. silv

    I’d love to download and try Mellel 3.3 beta, but there’s no link. Where from can I download it? Thanks, this is really exciting news!

    From: silv Comment posted on: 8-9-2013
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