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Mellel 3.4.1 is Here

Mellel 3.4.1 is Here

Watch out! It’s here! Mellel 3.4.1 fixes numerous (that is, a lot of) bugs with the initial release of Mellel 3.4.

Among those you’ll note bugs that kind of took hyphenation for a vacation and will not let 10.6.x launch their favourite application (i.e., Mellel).

For all the details see here.


  1. Moises Zumaeta

    I can’t still find my old styles!!!

    From: Moises Zumaeta Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  2. adrian sgarbi

    Hey guys, how about new (and refreshed) tutorial teaching everything about melee customization?


    From: adrian sgarbi Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
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