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Mellel 3.4 is Here!

Mellel 3.4 is Here!

Mellel 3.4 is here!

The new version of Mellel features quite a few interesting new features (see below, or see the full list here).  You can download Mellel from here (or a direct link to download, here).

  • Export outline to PDF: Mellel will now allow you to export our outline to PDF, displayed as bookmark. This new feature will allow you to set if you wish to include bookmarks when exporting and if to list tag flows (e.g., image captions, characters in the text, and so on) separately.
  • Export annotations to PDF: Mellel will now let you export annotations, regardless of the state of their display when exporting to PDF.
  • Mellel is now 64/32 bit universal binary, including QuickLook and Spotlight plug-ins. Things will get faster.
  • Language handling improvements: including a better definition of None language, and improved handling of text pasted from RTF and html.
  • Improved image handling: now using an 8 handles system. Should work more nicely
  • Revised and improved positioning of pages are positioned in the document view.
  • Improved handling and detection of clicks outside pages for better selection behaviour.
  • Improved Find Set interaction: To start, the Find Set is about Mellel will now allow stopping of a Find Set when it is run, a smooth animation and display of the log while the Find Set is run, and improved performance — roughly 60 percent fast by our tests.
  • Revised and improved Scroll to show (this is the scrolling done when searching and navigating in the document)
  • Document window and Find Sets window are now Yosemite friendly (in terms of how they look).
  • Improved font substitution: for characters not supported by selected font. Mellel will now consider boldness of the font, etc.
  • Improved missing font substitution: Mellel will try to match the face (bold, italic etc) of the substitute font with the face of the original font.
  • Renamed Copy/Paste Special menu items to include the word Copy or Paste for better clarity and to allow assigning keyboard shortcuts to them.
  • Improved rendering of letters+combining marks (accents) for non-OpenType fonts.

Ori from RedleX


  1. Andrea

    I’m having problems with hyphenation in version 3.4. (Running OS 10.8.) Also an additional space has been inserted around all of my footnote reference numbers. I’m in the last stage of preparing a manuscript for publication (indexing), and the lack of hyphenation and additional spaces have thrown off all of my page numbers. With a 6-week-old baby in the house, my patience (and time) are quite limited… looking for a solution ASAP.

    From: Andrea Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  2. Irani

    Dear Ori,
    When Mellel will get the picture caption. We have been waiting for this basic feature for ages now.

    From: Irani Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  3. Harold Hosch

    Mellel needs to take off their install information that 3.4 works on OS X,6.

    From: Harold Hosch Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  4. Not yet… There is a problem there, but we’re working to fix it soon. In the meantime, you can do this to launch with 10.6:
    1. In the finder, locate Mellel in the applications folder
    2. Click the application once (not twice) and choose File->Get Info to show the Info window
    3. In the info window, locate the “Open in 32-bit mode” checkbox and check it.
    4. Run Mellel

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2015
  5. Michael Baumann

    I am writing my dissertation with Mellel and am perfectly satisfied with the application. But after downloading the new update from within Mellel, it does not launch any more. Probably the reason is lacking support of OS 10.6. There should be a possibility to download the older Mellel-version again or support for OS 10.6.

    From: Michael Baumann Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  6. Dear Michael Baumann,

    As you can see above, this is not a change but a problem we’re working to fix soon – and there is a way to work around this, quite easily.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2015
  7. Harold Hosch

    Support for Mellel stated that Mellel 3.4 will not launch on OS 10.6. That should appear as a limited availability somewhere in the install information. Harold Hosch

    From: Harold Hosch Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  8. Angel Moises Zumaeta

    Mellel 3.4 launches fine in my computer. I am also very thankful to everything the mellel team does. However all of the predetermined set styles I’ve created have disappeared! The only one available is the default set. Does that mean that I have to redo all of my styles? That will take quite a bit of time! Please help! Thanks!!!!

    From: Angel Moises Zumaeta Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  9. No, of course not – the styles are probably those related to your default document. Perhaps it got knocked out, temporarily – re-select it via the Preferences or via File > Save as template…

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2015
  10. Lukas

    Doesn’t launch on 10.6.8.

    From: Lukas Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  11. See above for solution….

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2015
  12. Æ

    Doesn’t launch on 10.6.8 with error message:

    Dyld Error Message:
    Symbol not found: OBJCCLASS$NSDataDetector
    Referenced from: /Applications/Mellel.app/Contents/MacOS/Mellel
    Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Versions/C/Foundation
    in /Applications/Mellel.app/Contents/MacOS/Mellel

    Will contact support with the full crash report.

    From: Æ Comment posted on: 8-9-2015
  13. See above for solution….

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-16-2015
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