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Mellel 4.0 – The good and the Excellent

Mellel 4.0 – The good and the Excellent


Hi to all,

We would like to address the elephant in the room: what’s up with Mellel 4.0? Well, we have some good news, and some excellent news.

As some of you may remember, we’ve been talking about Mellel 4.0 late last year as something that will come soon… And we meant it. Mellel 4.0 was then almost feature-complete and ready for beta testing… And then, as we were wrapping things up for testing, we had some great new ideas… and some improvements to the new features. Should we discard those and go out with what we’ve got? Or should we postpone Mellel 4.0’s release, and go for a better, more complete new feature set?

We’ve decided to postpone (which we know is a bit annoying…), improve and at some point re-do things better… Even if that meant releasing Mellel 4.0 later on (and missing out on some big sales…).

We’ll talk about the new stuff in a bit… but we still have the “good news” bit to take care of. Lately, we’ve been working to re-organise our efforts on the marketing front. We always say Mellel is the best word processor in the world for long and complex documents. Those in the know know this… But it helps if this knowledge goes a bit beyond the people-in-the-know, so some of the people in the don’t-know. This will help us, and in turn will help you, and probably also humanity at large.

But Let’s talk about some of the new stuff in Mellel 4.0, which is the excellent bit.

The outline, for example, is now so much more than an outline: you can use it as an outliner, add notes and highlights, filter headings, and much more. The filter, by the way, made its way into several places (e.g., it’s now very easy to find a target for a cross-reference…).

A New Outline – More powerful than ever

A New Outline More powerful than ever

A New Outline
More powerful than ever

Another new feature is Story. This feature allows you to add story points to your manuscript, and use them to navigate through the document view the story line, attach characters and locations to them, and so on. You can organise those story points anyway you like — by importance, as a timeline, or half a dozen other ways.

 Story – Create your story points, characters and locations

Story Create your story points, characters and locations

Create your story points, characters and locations

Another new feature is the Index. We’ve been thinking about this for a while, trying to figure out how to make our index useful, quick, efficient,  an flexible… and while at it ‘shave’ at least 50 per cent of the time needed to create an index.

Index – Rich in features…

Index Rich in features...

Rich in features…

Quick Index – Will shorten the index creation process by 50 per cent

Quick Index Will shorten the index creation process by 50 per cent

Quick Index

Will shorten the  index creation process by 50 per cent

A tall order indeed. But we think we did it. It really is the mother of all indexes — feature wise  — and the quickest too.

The big question is, of course, should I buy now or wait for Mellel 4.0? One very good reason to buy now is that Mellel 4.0’s price is about to get higher (including the upgrade price).

Another good reason: When you buy Mellel now, you get two years of free updates… But the “update clock” does not begin to click until we release Mellel 4.0, so you’re not losing ‘update time’ here at all. (note: this also extend to all the people who purchased Mellel from November 2016 on).

You can buy Mellel here (from us).

30 Days Trial Start work with Mellel Now
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  1. Legal Documents

    I need to number paragraphs in my joint statements of material facts. These documents run 50-100 pages and longer. For years I’ve been preparing the JSMFs in Mellel, then copy and paste to Word, then number. It’s a royal pain. Especially since I detest Word. Is there a way to number Mellel paragraphs? If not, is that feature going to be added to a future upgrade?

    Thank you!
    Catherine Ratliff
    2006 S. Dorothy Cir.
    Sioux Falls, SD 67106

    From: Catherine Ratliff, JD, NCC Comment posted on: 8-28-2017
  2. Dear Catherine Ratliff,

    It’s indeed a royal pain… And this is exactly what our Auto-indent feature in Mellel 4 is fixing. Basically, when you open the Auto-title palette in Mellel, press the Edit title flows button, and with the auto-title dropping sheet check the option Auto-indent, you’re turning your auto-title into a legal-numbering (or numbering paragraphs) set. When this option is checked, Mellel will offer you 4 buttons on the Auto-title palette: One to initiate (or promote) an indentation level, one to demote, one to continue on the same level (when you add a paragraph that you do not want numbered, but wish to stay on the same level of indentation) and one to stop the numbering (which you can resume later with the promote button). You can also use the keyboard as with a list (Cmd ] and [ to promote and demote).
    A good way to start with Auto-indent is to open the template “Default Auto-indent” which is ready-made to use this feature. You can fiddle with it and set it to fit your needs and save it as a template that fits your needs.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-29-2017
  3. mo@mresse.ch

    I am a long term user of your melee program. Now two things happened:
    a) I had to buy a new machine (old is broke) and want to transfer my mellel program to the new machine
    b) Would like to upgrade to Version 4 or buy new for the new machine (I guess the files are compatible). I am still registered at the University of Zurich as Privatdozent (like Assistenz-Professor) – is there a student rebate?
    Regards and thanks

    From: Mo Mresse Comment posted on: 8-24-2017
  4. Hi, There’s no problem transferring your old registration to the new machine. If the license needs upgrading – simply purchase an upgrade (there are no student rebates on an upgrade… never were, in fact). It’ll work from any version of Mellel (even a very old one) to Mellel 4.0. Same price.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 8-29-2017
  5. Confusing wording for entering registration code for Mellel 4

    I have been using Mellel for many years, so I immediately paid for the upgrade before I even downloaded the app. So I got surprised by the need to create and enter an unique username for the trial, seeing as I was not going to use the trial at all. The next window Mellel 4 included an option to “Enter Code” , but what was meant —the unique username or the registration code? Initially, I skipped that option and next found myself being asked to give all the details about me as if I was buying it, which made no sense as I had just already bought it. So, please amend “Enter code” to “Enter registration code”. I solved my problem by entered the registration code for Mellel 4 via the “Enter code” option later, so I discovered that the “code” referred to was indeed the registration code for Mellel 4

    Also, does Mellel 4 count as a free upgrade for me? I last upgraded on 2011-01-27., 18:20 hrs.
    Many thanks. Tony Wight.

    From: wighta@nmia.com Comment posted on: 8-23-2017
  6. Nadin

    Are you found to improve file export? This is essential for some of us.

    From: Nadin Comment posted on: 8-2-2017
  7. Avi

    Hey Mellel team.

    The 4th version was supposed to be out by now. Can you give an update of announce the date it will be available?

    From: Avi Comment posted on: 7-26-2017
  8. Sebastian

    Hi Mellel team!

    Will Mellel 4 still work on Snow Leopard? I would understand if you don’t support it but for me it would be crucial.

    Thanks for your great work,

    From: Sebastian Comment posted on: 7-9-2017
  9. Not officially. Keeping compatibility with older versions of Mac OS creates enourmous problems (especially when trying to fit in more recent system options available). If it runs, fine, but not through anything we do to make it so. You should try and decide, without removing your existing Mellel 3 version.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 7-16-2017
  10. Steve

    if I buy the Mellel + Bookmarks bundle, will the upgrade process (free upgrade to v. 4.0 and the “2-years-clock” starts when 4.0 is released) work for me as well? I meant Bookends, not Bookmarks.. 😉

    Thanks 🙂

    From: Steve Comment posted on: 6-9-2017
  11. In a word: Yes.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 6-16-2017
  12. Jörn

    I work on my PhD and want to submit it in August/September. By the way, 300 pages and 250 images and no problems until now. Thanks Mellel!
    Since indexing is crucial for me I want to ask whether you have a schedule for the release.

    best wishes

    From: Jörn Comment posted on: 6-9-2017
  13. Sergio

    I have MacAppStore version… If I buy the upgrade…
    1) I will receive a new version?
    2) I must to uninstall the MacAppStore version? Or can I have the two versions working?
    3) The IOS version will be updated too? If yes, Will I need to pay this iOS upgrade?

    From: Sergio Comment posted on: 6-9-2017
  14. Thomas

    How do you manage these free updates for two years when people buy from the MacAppStore and how in case of buying through your site?

    From: Thomas Comment posted on: 5-9-2017
  15. Our intention is to keep those who’ve purchased via the Mac App Stor on equal footing with those who’ve purchased mellel directly from us – so eligibility for an update should not be affected by that.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 5-16-2017
  16. Stefan Green

    Yes, how do I buy?

    From: Stefan Green Comment posted on: 5-9-2017
  17. You can buy Mellel here: http://sites.fastspring.com/mellel/product/buy_mellel – you can also buy it or purchase an update from within the application.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 5-16-2017
  18. Roberto Gozzoli

    Regarding the question above: Yes, i want to buy the upgrade. How can I buy it? Is there any specific link for it?

    From: Roberto Gozzoli Comment posted on: 5-8-2017
  19. Go to our store here: http://sites.fastspring.com/mellel/product/buy_mellel – you’ll be able to navigate the options quite easily.

    From: Ori Redler Comment posted on: 5-16-2017
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