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Mellel 4.2 and tables

Mellel 4.2 and tables

Mellel 4.2 is getting closer… with some really great stuff.
For those of you who did not follow closely, the big deal with Mellel 4.2 will be the all new Tables feature — which will jump several light years ahead.

The revised tables will support, amongst other things:

  • Table styles
  • Headers and footers
  • Leading and Trailing columns
  • Repeating headers
  • Numerically setting columns and rows width and height
  • Easy dragging of tables as objects
  • Proportional resizing of cells (when you change its size)
  • Outer padding (that is, the padding outside the cell)
  • Corner radius.
  • And much else.

In other words, it’s going to be grand, wow and wonderful.
There’s no intention to diss beautiful tables here — outer padding and corner radius (per corner) especially, will make any table aficionado very happy. In fact, it is our firm believe that these more perfect tables will surely help bring about world peace and save the children.

That said, however, we think that an equally important feature with tables is usability. And by usability we mean re-usability. Or in one word: styles. And in three words: styles that work.

With Mellel 4.2, table styles will be part of you style set, which means that tables you’ve designed and saved as styles will be available to apply not only with that document, but with any other document that will use that style set. To further refine this, you’ll be able to create multiple templates to use with that style. For example, if you are using the same basic stylistic setup with all tables, but needs some tables to be more rows or columns, different header, footer, lead column or trail column that have a specific content — you can have all that through using different templates.

Note that Mellel 4.2 will be a FREE update for anyone who’ve purchased or upgraded Mellel less than two years before Mellel 4.2 is released.


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