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Mellel 5.0.2 Released!

Mellel 5.0.2 Released!

Update: Mellel 5.0.2 is truly wonderful and a must-have update but there is a little issue-a regression that we detected right after releasing the update and so the current version of Mellel is now 5.0.3.

A month and a day after Mellel 5’s release, Mellel 5.0.2 is now eagerly waiting to be downloaded to your computer. If you’re asking yourself: “Where’s Mellel 5.0.1?” then you are definitively on to something, unfortunately that something is a rather boring story that involves us prematurly releasing a pre-release build of Mellel as Mellel 5.0 on the app store just before the official release of Mellel 5, a month ago. When we realized our mistake we had no choice but to release the actual Mellel 5 as Mellel 5.0.1, and the rest is history.

In addition to aligning all of Mellel’s versions to the same version number, Mellel 5.0.2 also includes some very jucy bug fixes, lost of tweaks and improvements to the docx import feature and some major upgrades to the docx export feature. The result: exported docx documents are much more compatible with non-MSWord word-processors (Pages, and even Mellel) and the produced docx documents take less time to generate and are more compact.

Finally, white attending to some veteran bugs on iOS, we noticed a very nice optimization opportunity, and took it. The result is a very improved typing performance on both iOS and macOS, especially for machines with weaker graphic systems.

Learn all about Mellel 5 here.

Mellel 5.0.2 is a free upgrade to anyone who bought Mellel after June 2018.


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