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Mellel 5.1 Is Here

Mellel 5.1 Is Here

Here she is (or is it he? Perhaps zee? We would hate to assume) Mellel 5.1 in all its glory. This release has been in the works for well over a year and we’re very excited about it.

What’s new? In one word: Auto-titles (that’s two but who’s counting?), in more than one word: Mellel’s Auto-title feature was given a very significant upgrade. Unlimited number of streams (formerly known as flows) can be added and arranged in any form, The Auto-title user interface was completely rewritten, Auto-title styles were introduced and the factory (built-in) templates were revamped. And then, just when we thought we were done, we topped it off with numerous other enhancements and bug fixes.

You can get the full details in ourĀ release info page.

Of course, you say, this is all fine and dandy, but how do I upgrade?

A Mellel license gives you two years of free updates. This means that you can update, for free, to any version, major or minor, that is released during the two years following your purchase.
When the two years are up, you can continue to use the Mellel version you have indefinitely. Once a new version is released after that, you need to purchase an upgrade ($29) in order to update. The upgrade allows you to update and also gives an additional two years of free updates, just like a license.

This is the theory, in practice all you need to do is to choose Mellel->Check For Updates. If there’s an update, Mellel will show you a message with the update details and It will also state clearly whether this update is free, or not. If the update is free, click the Install Update button and Mellel will download and install the update. If the update is not free, the button will be labeled Buy Update and pressing it will take you through the purchase process. Once the purchase is done, it will download and install the update.

If you bought Mellel 5 via the App Store the process is different. Updates are downloaded via the App Store application. Launch the App Store application, click the Updates item on the left and locate Mellel 5 in the list. If an update is available, Mellel 5 will show up in this list. Click the Update button to update Mellel for free. If you bought Mellel 4 or Mellel 3 on the App Store then you can’t upgrade via the App Store because Apple doesn’t allow paid upgrades in the App Store. You can, however, upgrade to the “direct” version of Mellel (the version you download directly from our site). See instructions on how to do that here.


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