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From the Apple Store to Mellel 4

From the Apple Store to Mellel 4

Have you known that you can smoothly go from there to here? 

Well, you can. 

As each and every one of you know, there are roughly a billion gazillion Mellel users who’ve purchased Mellel on the Mac App Store. When we’ve released Mellel 4, however, we encountered a bit of a conundrum: as Apple does not offer an option for a paid upgrade (yet, or ever), we could not offer users of Mellel 3.x a way to purchase and upgrade to Mellel 4 from within the Mac App Store (unless they purchase Mellel 4 for a full price there — but that’s not much of an upgrade. 

To solve this, we’ve invented with our clever minds a nice scheme, allowing you to use your existing 3.5.x copy of Mellel purchased from the Mac App Store, to upgrade to Mellel 4 without a problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have your Mac App Store copy of Mellel 3.5.x installed on your computer. If necessary, you can reinstall it. Learn how. 
  2. Download Mellel 4.x
  3. Install Mellel 4.x by copying it into your Applications folder
  4. Run Mellel 4.x

Now comes the smart part. Mellel will detect that you have a copy of Mellel 3.5.x from the Mac App Store, will figure out if you can upgrade your license for free or if you need to purchase an upgrade (based on when you’ve purchased Mellel). You’ll then need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process, while Mellel will migrate your preferences and data to Mellel 4.x (it will not harm your Mellel 3.5.x settings).

That’s it, actually. Once unshackled from 3.5.x, you’ll be free to roam the wonderful 4.x (and then enjoy the upcoming Mellel 4.2 for free). Some more info can be found here. 


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