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I can’t get spelling to work

For some reason, I can’t get spelling to work. Why?

Mellel 3.0 brought with it some major changes to the way spelling works. The change brings some advanced features and ease of use but may cause some confusion for users that are used to the old way of doing things.

In a nutshell, spelling in Mellel works like this:

  1. Every piece of text in your document has a Language attribute.
  2. For every language, there is a spelling dictionary assigned.

When these are set correctly, choosing Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as you type/Check Spelling per paragraph should cause misspelled words to be highlighted as you type them, and right clicking them should show correction options.

Normally, all settings are correctly set by default and you need not do anything beyond that, but there are cases where you’ll need to make some simple changes.

You can assign a Language to any text by selecting it and then choosing from the “Language” popup menu at the bottom of the Character/Styles palette.

To assign the spelling dictionary for a language:

  1. Choose Mellel > Preferences…
  2. Click the Language tab.
  3. Choose a language you’ll be using from the list.
  4. Choose the desired spelling dictionary for that language from the Spelling Language popup menu.
  5. If you wish, check the Make default checkbox. This will make the selected language the default language for new and imported documents.
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