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Different page numbering in different parts of a document

How to get a different/no page numbers in different sections of my document?

Page numbers are normally placed in the header or footer. In order to have pages without page numbers — for example, at the beginning of a document — you need to set these pages with a different headers/footers configuration. This this is done by inserting a Page Style Break at the location where you want the change to begin.

For example, let’s say you wish to have a cover page, a table of contents and the introduction pages witout page numbers at the beginning of your document, and start displaying page numbers only following the introduction.

You could do the following:

  1. Place the insertion point right after the introduction’s text.
  2. Choose Insert -> Breaks -> Page Style Break – this will insert a page break but more importantly, it will create enable the seperation of page attributes before and beyond this point.
  3. Click anywhere before the newly inserted page style break and configure the page to have no header/footer (or just a header, or just a footer, and so on) using the Page palette. Note that the changes you make here will only affect the pages right up to the page style break.
  4. Click anywhere beyond the aforementioned page style break and configure the page to have a header/footer with a page number.

You can learn more about page-layout related stuff in this video (from Mellel)

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