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Punctuation mark appears at the wrong place with Hebrew

I am typing Hebrew using the SBL font with paragraph style set left to right. According to the keyboard viewer, when I type Shift+; the Sof Pasuk (:) should appear at the end of the Hebrew line. Instead, it jumps to the beginning of the line. How can I get it to finish off the line?

That is simple: You as you will note, in the Toolbar and in the Paragraph Style setup, there is a Directionality button beside the alignment buttons. You’ve set the paragraph to be right aligned, but the Directionality button is set from left to right.

This is what you should do:

  1. In the Toolbar (or in the Paragraph Style setup) click the Directionality button, so the arrow there points to the left (i.e., from Right to Left).
  2. If you need to, set the alignment again (the Directionality may reverse the alignment), and save the changes to the style.
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