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Starting notes from no. 1 with every chapter

I have wriiten a book in mellel. Now I have put together all the chapters in one document. BUT, now the notes are numbered from 1 to 650+.
So now I want to change that. I want that every chapter begins anew with note 1. How can I change that?

That’s fairly easy. To start, if your chapters are not separated with a Page Style break – you should do so: go to the end of a chapter and choose Insert > Breaks > Page style break (or Cmd+Shift+Enter).

Assuming this is done, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose Insert > Note > Edit Note attributes…
  2. Choose the appropriate stream on the left (if you only use footnotes or endnotes in your book, this is already done).
  3. Under Numbering choose Restart with every Page Range.

This will cause Mellel to restart numbering with every page range (chapter).

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