Mellel Features

Mellel Features

Find and Replace

The Find and Replace tool is the most advanced on the market. Search for exactly what you want. Mellel  will search, find, switch it, and fix it with a click of your mouse. Save your find actions. Use them again and again to transform your work.

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Style and Format

Control the design. Style as you wish. Configure once. Use anywhere you want at any time. Mellel separates style and design so that you can style everything together. Or separately. From page breaks and titles, down to the tiniest character or detail.

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Multilingual Support

Mellel was designed with the world’s languages in mind. You can write with your language, and 0ther languages, in the same document, without the chaos and unpredictability typical with other app experiences. 

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Live Document

So many features of Mellel update automatically and in real time. So you can do what you do best: write. Mellel’s documents are live and dynamic, automatically updating names and numbers of titles, headings, captions, and more.

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Mellel’s superb Outline feature keeps you organized in one place, keeps you calm and stress-free. It allows you to view, edit, and navigate your entire document in seconds. Create, organize, and reorganize chapters and sections with a click.

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A word processor you can trust

Mellel  gets the job done. It’s made to handle long and complex written works. Never worry about Mellel crashing or becoming sluggish because of your document’s complexity.

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