Mellel Features
Find. Replace. Repeat.

Find. Replace. Repeat.

Be warned: If you’re an editor, this tool might get you misty eyed.

Find what you want, then turn hours of editing into minutes with Mellel’s Find and Replace feature. It’s one of the most powerful editing tools on the market. Use it to find anything, no matter how simple or sophisticated.

The true power of Mellel’s find and replace feature is its flexibility. Using the functionality of Regular expressions, and some unique tricks of its own, Mellel lets you search anything from “abc” to specific unicode ranges; sequence of numbers, or series of spaces, numbers, and symbols. Limit the search to a particular section of your document, or the style of the expression, or a sequence, or a context. You have complete control.

Best of all, save your searches to your own personal library. We know that editing, in many instances, is re-editing: repeating an action over, and over, and over, across many documents. Mellel’s saved searches let you revisit your past searches and run them again. You can run them individually or, via the Find Set dialogue, run sets of searches, and more.

Save time. Save energy. Save the headache.

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