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A word processor you can trust

A word processor you can trust

You have a real problem. Your current word processor doesn’t get the job done. It’s unpredictable or even erratic, or it is too complex for comfort. It’s too slow, or too simple to do anything of substance.

There’s a reason: if you’re not using Mellel, you’re using a word processor developed  three decades ago. Sure, it’s gained some bells and whistles. But it’s still stuck in the 80’s.

Mellel was built in the 21st century to support modern concepts and needs of writing. It’s built for long and complex documents. With Mellel, elements update in real time. Multiple languages are supported perfectly. It boasts a superb style system that does the work for you. You can create multi-part headings and cross-references, advanced footnotes and endnotes,  enjoy unrivaled index support — and the list goes on and on.

And all this without the software collapsing from crash after crash after you pass the 50-page mark.

You deserve the best.



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