Mellel Store

Following are details about the various buying options for Mellel.

Mellel (Direct)
The classic version of Mellel for macOS, 2 years of free updates, can be installed on up to 5 macs.

Mellel (MAS)
The same Mellel experience as the direct version on the mac app store. Can be installed on up to 5 macs.

Mellel for iPad
Mellel to go, the perfect companion to the mac version. Fully compatible with the mac version.

Mellel Upgrade
For existing Mellel license holders. Upgrade to the latest version and get two more years of free updates.

Mellel (Education)
The full Mellel experience at a reduced price for students and faculty members.

Mellel + Bookends
A full direct Mellel license along with the tightly integrated Bookends reference manager.

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