Mellel for iPad

Mellel for iPad

Work and write from anywhere. The power of Mellel word processing is available on the iPad. Switch between Mellel for Mac and Mellel for iPad with ease. Mellel for iPad supports all of your Mellel documents flawlessly and without error. Edit and style your document as you see fit. Track changes. Navigate your work via the Outline. Add, fix, and tweak exactly what you need.

Rich Feature Set

Rich Feature Set

Its extensive set of tools lets you edit, create, and write long and complex documents, while keeping you in control of your document's structure.
Simplicity Wins

Simplicity Meets Power

Mellel balances well between your need for a simple, finger-driven user interface on your iPad, and the demands for consistency and control over your content.
Full Version Support

Full Version Support

Mellel for iPad completely supports all the features offered with Mellel. It's powerful and useable, quick and reliable. Updates to Mellel for iPad keep in sync with new features available on Mellel for Mac. Mac version features are also constantly added to Mellel for iPad, to maximize your experience.

What Mellel Users Say

I write books in different languages, about different cultures. I like Mellel because it allows me to move between languages in a very easy way.
Tuvia Tenenbom | Der Spiegel Best Selling Author
Of course research takes time, but Mellel makes it much easier, more enjoyable. At the end of the day, it saves a ton of time. I couldn't recommend Mellel enough for writers, researchers interested in getting a crisp final product.
Neil | The University of Cambridge, PhD History
Mellel is by far the best word processing program I've ever used.
Terri | PhD Candidiate
Mellel's style system kept me from losing my mind.
Kevin | PhD, Psychology
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