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Meet Mellel, the most powerful word processor for Mac. Mellel makes editing, styling, and organizing your documents as easy as clicking a button.

Simple, Powerful, Reliable

Mellel is for the serious writer. It’s a powerful, agile word processor which gives you reliability and control like no other.

Performance and Stability

Mellel is simple, sleek, and sophisticated. Everything runs smoothly and quickly, and the system does not crash. No more lost work, ever.

Designed for Long Documents

Mellel’s features empower you to keep order. Organize your outline, footnotes, and bibliography in real time. Keep all your styles in check. Control everything, down to the tiniest of detail.

Support for Multiple Languages

Every single feature supports multiple languages, including languages that are written right to left.

Save Time and Hassle

Mellel works hard to help you work fast. Its powerful tools can automatically do what other processors make you do manually, like applying styles. Mellel is stable, consistent, reliable, and boring in the most wonderful way: it doesn’t crash.

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Makes the Complex Simple.

Mellel’s smart titles, references, footnotes, bibliography, and index tools all live update while you write. Mellel’s advanced find and replace tool turns hours of editing into minutes.

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"It Will Help You Get Things Done"

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“I write books in different languages, about different cultures. I like Mellel because it allows me to move between languages in a very easy way.”

Tuvia Tenenbom
Der Spiegel Best-selling Author

“I'm an academic, thus a professional writer. Mellel is by far the best word processing program I've ever used. I've been writing with it for 4 years.”

Terri, PhD, Environment Studies
University of Florida

“Combined with Bookends, the citation manager, it's a real workhorse of a tool. If you're a Mac user, don't hesitate to switch, and I'll even share my style-set with you!”

Peter, PhD, New Testament Studies
University of Cambridge

“Besides the fact that all of Mellel's features are really well-thought-out, I particularly treasure its stability. Data loss or corrupted files are unknown to Mellel users.”

Simon, Film scholar and journalist
Zurich, Switzerland

How Mellel compares

Mellel MS Word

Move around 100 chapters
1 minute 9 minutes

Provide 900 cross-references
1.5 hours 8 hours

Handle large documents without crashing

Formatting options designed for complex documents

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Mellel MS Word


Mellel, Doc, DocX, RTF, TXT, OPML

Mellel, Doc, OPML, RTF, PDF

Docx, Doc, RTF, TXT

DocX, Doc, RTF, TXT, htm, xml

Find and Replace
  • Basic and Advanced Find and Replace

  • Saving Find Expressions and Find Actions

  • Running Find Sets comprised of multiple Find Actions

  • Basic and Advanced Find and Replace

Structuring the Document
  • Headings and captures manipulated via drag and drop

  • Displaying of headings, captions, tables, etc. combined or separately

  • Metadata support: comments, markers and tags

  • Changes to headings only. Applied manually via copy and paste.

  • Promoting, demoting, and dragging must be done manually, error prone.

  • Updates automatically

  • Cross-references do not affect text layout

  • Multi-part cross-references

  • Special styles can be applied to text or parts of Xref

  • Context sensitive: can point to a relative point in the text (above, below, previous, opposite, etc.)

  • Updated manually

  • Cross-references change the text layout

  • Single part cross references

Footnotes and Note streams
  • Up to 99 different note streams

  • Flexible setup of note format

  • Limited to 2 note streams (footnote and endnote)

  • Limited note format options

Language support
  • Supports Roman, CJK Languages

  • Full support for RTL languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac

  • Secondary font support for font, size and script

  • Special features for multi-directional text

  • Supports Roman, CJK Languages

  • Partial support for RTL languages

  • No secondary support

  • Live Bibliography via reference manager

  • Fast

  • Map and match bibliography and citation styles

  • Live Bibliography via reference manager

  • Slow down as you add additional citations

  • Character and Paragraph styles applied separately

  • Changes to styles applied easily to entire document

  • Style Sets can be applied to numerous documents

  • Styling can be automatically updated when opening an exciting document

  • Character and Paragraph styles not applied separately

  • You can try applying changes to styles to entire document (but it doesn't work)

  • Multiple styles to headings

  • Multi-part headings; set flexibly

  • Meta-data with auto-titles

  • Auto-titles can be displayed using different formatting in outline

  • One style per headings

  • Single part headings, based on given set

  • Basic index support + 150 features on par with professional indexing applications

  • Dynamic Index Creation

  • Basic index support

  • Static Index Creation – data must be updated manually

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