Why Choose Mellel?

Here are some of the things that make Mellel unique.

Mellel is a word processor designed from the ground up to be the ultimate writing tool for academics, technical writers, scholars and students. Mellel is strong, stable and reliable, and is the ideal companion for working on documents that are long and complex, short and simple, or anything in between.

Mellel is Different

The features and user interface reflect our thinking about the needs of a writer; we don’t try to imitate or emulate other word processors. We believe that familiarity should not come at the expense of usability and power, and our first priority is to give you, the writer, the best tools for the job, and present them in a sensible and logical way.

Mellel has a Rich Set of Features

  • Auto-titles: Insert automatically formatted headings and captions to define your document’s structure.
  • Bibliography: See your citations and bibliography updated automatically with Live Bibliography without losing control over formatting with the Mellel + Bookends integration.
  • Outline: Get a bird’s-eye view of your document, quickly access any part of it and edit its structure.
  • Footnotes and Endnotes: Add an unlimited number of footnote and endnote streams.
  • Multilingual Support: Use multiple languages, script systems and writing directions within the same document, paragraph or sentence. The best right-to-left support for Arabic, Hebrew and Syriac.
  • Styles: Define and apply styles for any aspect of your document, from character and paragraph to page and note. Pack your styles together in a style set that can be used in multiple documents.
  • Cross-Reference: Insert automatically updated references to any Auto-title, image or bookmark in your document.
  • Table of Contents: Insert a table of contents with one command while maintaining very fine control over the formatting and inclusion of items.
  • Find & Replace: Compose simple or complex find expressions and save them for later reuse, alone or in a batch.
  • Typography: Produce crisp and readable text using advanced typographical features like OpenType, secondary font and tracking.
  • Index: Build your index as you go along or create it when you’re done writing. Use the Quick Index feature to rapidly build your index and markup your document.
  • ePUB: Publish your manuscript directly to ePUB and leverage Mellel’s style system to produce great-looking documents.
  • Export: Export your manuscript to PDF, Word Format (docx), RTF, OPML and more.
  • Import: Open Word Format (docx), RTF, OPML or plain text documents with Mellel.

Mellel's Support is Free and Easy

Whether you are a veteran user, a green newbie or just window shopping, use our built-in support form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mellel is a Great Value

The affordable price is a one-time payment. There are no subscriptions or recurring payments, and our update policy is fair and simple.

Mellel is Free to Try

Download Mellel now and start your 30-day trial. No need to enter your credit card details or commit to anything other than stress-free writing and beautiful, stable documents!

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