Using a Secondary Font

Selecting and switching fonts manually is fine, but very tiresome if you need to switch between languages and fonts very often. In addition, you might prefer to use one font with a certain language and a completely different font with a different language. This is where the secondary font option comes to the rescue. Defining a secondary font, paired with the primary font, enables a uniform appearance of bilingual texts with minimal manual labour.

To use the secondary font option:

  1. Select the text you wish to set a secondary font for.
  2. Open the Character palette.
  3. Use the Attribute tab to set your preferred font, font face, and size for the main language to be used in the text.
  4. Click the Options popup menu.
  5. Use the Script popup menu to choose the language script for the secondary font.
  6. Set your preferred font, font face, and relative size for the secondary language to be used in the text.
  7. Start typing your text. When you switch to the script defined for the secondary font, the selected font, font face and relative size will be automatically applied to any text you type.