Bibliography Tutorial 2 - Inserting Citations


This is the second tutorial in the Bibliography series. In the previous tutorial you practiced the basic steps in creating a bibliography in your document. In this tutorial you will focus on practicing different ways to insert citations into your document.

You will:

  • Select a bibliography application.
  • Insert citations using the reference manager.
  • Insert citations manually.
  • Convert text to citations.

Tutorial Steps

Select a Bibliography Application

We recommend that you use an external reference manager so you can maximize your use of Mellel. And more specifically, we recommend that you use Bookends, which enables you to use Mellel's live bibliography feature. It will save you a lot of time and headache.

After you decide which manager to use, you must inform Mellel of your selection. Let's tell Mellel we are using Bookends:

  1. Launch Mellel and open the Bibliography Demo Document.
  2. Choose Mellel > Preferences from the menu bar.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Use the Bibliography application popup menu and choose Bookends.

Insert Citations Using a Reference Manager

Once you’ve selected the reference manager, you can begin inserting citations into your document.

Now, creating the references in the reference manager is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but you can use our Demo Bookends Library for now.

Let's add some references!

  1. Launch Bookends and open the Bookends demo library.
  2. Select any reference and drag it into the desired location in the Bibliography Demo Document.

    The citation should appear in its temporary format in Mellel, which is indicated by a light blue background within a pink frame.

  3. Repeat the process with at least 2 more references.
  4. Notice that every citation you insert into the document is displayed in the Citations in document in the Bibliography palette.

    To reuse a citation that was already inserted into the document you don't need to switch to Bookends. Just drag and drop it from the Citations in document list into the desired location.

Insert Citations Manually

Now if for whatever reason you don't want to use a reference manager, Mellel still allows you to insert citations manually. Let's insert a manual citation:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to insert the citation.

  2. Click the Enter citation manually button () in the Bibliography palette.

    You can also choose Edit > Bibliography > Enter Citation Manually from the menu bar, or press Cmd + Shift + M

    The Edit Citation popover is displayed.

  3. Insert the temporary citation format in the Citation text box.
  4. Insert the formatted citation format in the Formatted Citation text box.
  5. Click OK .

The citation should be inserted to the document in its temporary format. When you later scan the document, it will be converted to the format you inserted in the Formatted Citation text box.

Convert Text into Citations

Mellel uses dynamic objects when inserting citations. This means that they are automatically managed and updated by Mellel as required.

However, you may, for different reasons, need to convert regular text into citation objects. This might happen, for example, when you receive a document that was created in a different application and you wish to convert its citations into Mellel citation objects. Note that this process still requires that you have those references available in your reference manager. So let's see how this works.

  1. Scroll down to page 3 in the Bibliography Demo Document.
  2. You should see a few references there that are delimited with curly brackets. This is an example for a citation that is just entered as plain text, not as a Mellel dynamic citation object.
  3. Choose Edit > Bibliography > Convert Text to Citation from the menu bar.
  4. Use the Citation Delimiter popup menu to choose { } (Curly Brackets).
  5. Click OK.

All the plain text citations that were delimited by curly brackets should have been converted to citation objects, and are now displayed in their temporary format. When you scan the document, they will be converted to their final format and added to the bibliography (assuming they exist in your reference manager).

What's Next?

You should now be able to insert citations into your document using a reference manager, manually or converting existing plain text citations into citation objects.

Now that you have citations in your document, refer to Bibliography Tutorial 3 - Managing Citations to practice how to browse, edit and verify them.

Additional Resources