Writing your Document Tutorial 9 - Variables


This is the ninth and final tutorial in the Writing your Document series. Previous tutorials in this series cover different tools you can use to write your documents, but you don't have to complete this tutorial series in any particular order.

In this tutorials you will learn how to use variables in your document:

  • Insert Page Variables
  • Insert Date and Time Stamp
  • Insert Document Variables
  • Edit Document Variables

Tutorial Steps

Insert Page Variables

  1. Open the Writing your Document Demo Document practice file.
  2. Scroll down to the Variables Auto-title.
  3. Select and delete all the content in the Footer.
  4. Place your cursor inside the footer.
  5. Type Page followed by a space character.
  6. Choose Insert > Page Variables > Page Number.
  7. Type in another space character followed by out of and another space character.
  8. Choose Insert > Page Variables > Total Number of Pages.
  9. Click anywhere outside the Footer area.
  10. Scroll up and down the document to see how the variables are updated on different pages.

Insert Date and Time Stamp

  1. Place your cursor anywhere in the document.
  2. Type This document was last opened on: followed by a space character.
  3. Choose Insert > Date from the menu bar.
  4. Choose Document opening date.
  5. Click Insert.
  6. Note the current time inserted into the document.
  7. Close the document, wait for a couple of minutes and open it again.
  8. Scroll down to where you had inserted the variable and note the different time.

Insert Document Variable

  1. Place your cursor anywhere in the document.
  2. Type This document was written by: followed by a space character.
  3. Choose Insert > Document Variables > Author from the menu bar.

    Right now this should just insert <author>, but we are about to change that by assigning a value to this variable in our document.

  4. Choose File > Document Setup from the menu bar.
  5. Under Document Variables, Double-click inside the Value column next to the Author variable.
  6. Type your name and press the Return key.
  7. Click Save.

    The <author> variable should now be replaced by the name you typed.

Edit Document Variables

You can change the name (label) of existing document variables, or add new ones:

  1. Choose Mellel > Preferences from the menu bar.
  2. Click the Document Setup tab.
  3. Double-click the Variable #5 item in the Document Variables list.
  4. Type Translator and press the Return key.

    The Translator variable should now be available for insertion under the Insert > Document Variables menu.

What's Next?

You should now be able to insert Page Variables, Date and Time Stamps and Document Variables in your document, and also configure Document Variables labels and values.

This brings our Writing your Document series to an end. You should now be able to use the various Mellel tools and functions described in this series to write your document.

Keep trying and testing the different options, and refer to the user manual and our Writing your Document video series under Additional Resources below for more information.

Don't be shy to drop our friendly support team a line if you can't get something to work as you want it to. We're here for you!

Make sure you check out our training page for more training materials so that you can learn Mellel inside and out!

Additional Resources