This online help includes all the information you need to use Mellel's various functionalities and functions. You can use the top navigation bar or the side navigation menu to browse the different topics and find out about specific functions and questions you may have.

Note: The online help is the complete Mellel documentation. It is not meant to be used as a training material, but rather as a reference guide. If you wish to learn how to use different features from scratch, we recommend that you visit our training page for an optimal learning experience.

The online help is divided into distinct sections that group together tasks under common themes. This enables you to locate the information you need quickly and efficiently:

  1. Introduction: Includes a general overview of Mellel, its target audience, principle of operation and basic User Interface structure.
  2. Administration and Maintenance: Includes all the administrative and maintenance tasks required to use Mellel. This includes downloading, installing, registering and updating Mellel.
  3. Managing your Document Files: Includes task descriptions for managing files. This includes loading, saving, importing and exporting files and documents.
  4. Writing your Document: Includes task descriptions for inserting text and different objects into your document.
  5. Styling your Document: Includes task descriptions for styling different objects in your document.
  6. Reviewing and Editing your Document: Includes task descriptions for reviewing and editing your document throughout the writing process and prior to publishing.
  7. Configuring Mellel: Includes different configuration options that allow you to customize the way Mellel works to your own needs and preferences.
  8. Appendix: Includes information that is useful but not directly associated with any specific task. This includes:
    1. Help & Support: Includes a complete description of the different ways to get help and support when using Mellel.
    2. Common Functionalities: Includes a complete description of various functionalities that are repeatedly used in Mellel but are not a purposeful task on their own. This includes, for example, selecting a color for an element or using different measurement units to adjust elements' size.
    3. Find and Replace Expression Elements: Includes a complete description of the elements that can be added to Find and Replace expressions.
    4. Screen Descriptions: Includes a complete description of the different UI elements in Mellel. While it is not task-oriented, this section can assist users who wish to know what a specific button does or what would be the effect of choosing a certain option from a given menu.
  9. Tutorials: Includes all the practical tutorials that walk you through using different Mellel features.