Mellel Newsletter – June 2015

Mellel Newsletter – June 2015

Mellel for iPad!

Our new and exciting iPad version of Mellel is here! And it’s really great, too.

Mellel for iPad is a sibling to Mellel for Mac, and includes many of the features offered with Mellel (and more will come in the near future), adjusted for work on the iPad.

Mellel for the iPad supports features such as Outline, character and paragraph styling and styles, footnotes and endnotes, track-changes and comments, auto-titles, find and replace, tables, word count, and a lot more.

Even better – if you’re a Mellel for Mac user, you’re in luck, as Mellel for iPad is the perfect on-the-road companion for Mellel for Mac: All the features, options and settings set with Mellel are displayed with Mellel for iPad, including cross-references, citations, specially set styles and setups, and so on.

You can start working on a document on your Mac, continue working on your iPad, move back to the Mac, and add minor touches, comments, or track changes back on your iPad. Your documents will stay constant between the two platforms.

And there’s nothing simpler than moving between your iPad and the Mac. If you’re using iCloud Drive, in fact, you do not have to do anything: just keep your document in the Mellel folder or any other folder you wish to have the document in – and it’ll be there, up-do-date, no matter if the changes were made on your iPad or on your Mac.

It’s equally simple if you wish to use email or a third-party cloud device, such as DropBox or Box – just drop it there, and you’re done.

Mellel for iPad is just $19 on the App Store.

Mellel 3.4 is Here!

It took us a while – and seeing the news about Mellel for iPad you can guess why – but Mellel 3.4 is finally here!

You can also get Mellel on the Mac App Store:


The most notable change with Mellel 3.4 are the improvements to PDF export. Mellel allows you now to export your Outline alongside the document, so the outline forms the Table of contents in your PDF.

Additionally important is the ability to export to PDF with tag flows (e.g., for image captions, captions or special headings) listed either as part of the ToC or separately – for example, as a list of images in a document.

Another new feature is a more streamlined language and language switching, especially with pasted text, imported text and no-detectable language text.

There’s more: Mellel will now allow you to export annotations regardless of their state of display (earlier, this was a bit cumbersome); Mellel is now also 64/32 bit universal binary, which means that QuickLook and other features work faster and play nicely with Mellel.

Following is a more detailed list of new features in Mellel. For a complete list, see here:

  • Export outline to PDF : Mellel will now allow you to export our outline to PDF, displayed as bookmark. This new feature will allow you to set if you wish to include bookmarks when exporting and if to list tag flows (e.g., image captions, characters in the text, and so on) separately.
  • Export annotations to PDF : Mellel will now let you export annotations, regardless of the state of their display when exporting to PDF.
  • Mellel is now 64/32 bit universal binary, including QuickLook and Spotlight plug-ins. Things will get faster.
  • Language handling improvements: including a better definition of None language, and improved handling of text pasted from RTF and html.
  • Improved image handling: now using an 8 handles system. Should work more nicely
  • Revised and improved positioning of pages are positioned in the document view.
  • Improved handling and detection of clicks outside pages for better selection behaviour.
  • Improved Find Set interaction: To start, the Find Set is about Mellel will now allow stopping of a Find Set when it is run, a smooth animation and display of the log while the Find Set is run, and improved performance — roughly 60 percent fast by our tests.
  • Revised and improved Scroll to show (this is the scrolling done when searching and navigating in the document)
  • Document window and Find Sets window are now Yosemite friendly (in terms of how they look).
  • Improved font substitution: for characters not supported by selected font. Mellel will now consider boldness of the font, etc.
  • Improved missing font substitution: Mellel will try to match the face (bold, italic etc) of the substitute font with the face of the original font.
  • Renamed Copy/Paste Special menu items to include the word Copy or Paste for better clarity and to allow assigning keyboard shortcuts to them.
  • Improved rendering of letters+combining marks (accents) for non-OpenType fonts.


Mellel is offered via the Mac App Store. If you’ve purchased Mellel there, help us help you by posting a short review. Small developers like us, even with a great application, can benefit enormously from a review.

The review does not have to be all positives and hallelujahs. It’s fine and constructive to also point to limitations or areas where we can do better (but do note: we cannot comment or respond to reviews…).

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