The Best Multi-language Support. Period.

The Best Multi-language Support. Period.

Mellel was there when no-one else was. Every write who needs to write in multiple language and script systems, or mix writing directions knows the sad truth: With most operating systems and word processors, multilinguality is no more than an afterthought or a hack. It “sort of” works, until you put some pressure or demands on it, and then it doesn’t.

Not so on Mellel. Most word processors rely on the half-backed multilingual support offered by the Mac operating system, or on their own half-backed support. Mellel, on the other hand, was written specifically with multilingual, multi-script and multi-directional requirements in mind. It “thinks” from left-to-right and from right-to-left, and knows how to perfectly blend together Roman languages, Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Hebrew, CJK languages.

Mellel’s Secondary font option within a character style allows you to perfectly match font, font face and size between script systems, allowing you to transparently and efficiently move between script systems and text directions. Others say they can, but only Mellel does.

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