PakaPaka Studio

Get into the wonderful world of creating gibberish, filler text, with a bit of crude AI, just so you wouldn't feel too silly while using this too.
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What is PakaPaka?

PakaPaka is an application made for fun. We had a lot of fun creating it, and we believe you will enjoy it too.

In terms of usefulness, PakaPaka helps you create filler text… fast… But if you’re looking for toying with an UAI, that is, with an Unintelligent Artificial Intelligence” application – you’re also in for lots of fun. We think.

The wonderful story of how PakaPaka was born

PakaPaka was created a while ago, when we’ve encountered a certain dude on some forum who was really into himself, and how wonderful he is, and how he was undoubtedly very sophistiqué in his theories, so it was clear that we must parody this clever dude. We’ve decided that the best way to go about it would be to constructed a tool that would allow us to do just that – jive the dude ad infinitum.

A convoluted plan to earn a lot of money is developed

After playing around with the text, we had yet another wonderful idea: why not inflict this fun over unsuspecting people, and thus earn us the big-big money we’ve always dreamed about. After all, if we’re laughing, everyone will laught, and if everyone is laughing, we’ll get rich forthwith.

So we sat down, created an icon, a guide and even some samples that will help you get started with PakaPaka, and get the idea: construct a parody of anything by building from words to sentences to paragraphs in the manner typical to the parodied…

A plan, spoiled!

Well, things did not turn out quite as we’ve expected. Not to say that we did not earn any money with PakaPaka. We did. Think big. Think about more than $3, but less than $5. That’s how big PakaPaka splashed in the pool of the world…
And so, we’ve turned it into a freeware. Free for all. Free for good.

Which brings us to the present day

If you think you’ll like PakaPaka – go ahead and download it. If not, well, than you’ve probably did not bother to read this far, right?

But of course, we almost forgot: you can also write to us.

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