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Following are release notes for Mellel.
For release notes of older versions of Mellel see here (and even older, here)
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Details about Mellel 4.2 (June 26, 2019)

New Features

New table attributes and options

  • Headers, Footers, Leading and trailing columns
  • Repeating headers
  • Alternating row colors
  • Outer padding
  • Corner Radius

Table Styles

  • Attributes for 10 cell types
  • Border attributes defined for each cell type for outer, inner and inter-type borders
  • Multiple named templates containing table grid dimensions, table physical dimentions, table horizontal position, header/footer/leading/trailing configuration, repeating header and cell contents
  • cell paragraph and character attributes in the table style

Table style editor window

  • Allowing editing of attributes per-cell type
  • Allowing to manage the style templates, adding, deleting and renaming templates
  • Preview allowing to preview table and edit cell contents for template

Table formulas

  • Sum, Average, Product and Standard deviation functions
  • Function input can be entire row/column, only plain cells, only formula cells and segment cells (plain cells up to the last formula)
  • Formula is editable and allows arbitrary calculations
  • Quick “Cheat sheet” reference pdf accessible via the ‘?’ button

New insert table sheet

  • Preview of table
  • Selection of table style and template
  • Set grid size and direction of table

Table palette improvements and changes

  • added styles tab
  • option to set table grid size numerically
  • option to set table, cell selection or individual cells physical dimensions numerically in absolute or relative terms
  • option to set table horizontal position
  • Support for multiple values in border widgets (color, line type, thickness)

Table Attributes Popover

  • Invoked via the edit button in “as object” selection or via the contextual menu for other selection modes
  • full control over table attributes
  • full control over style

New selection mode for table “as object”

  • allow resizing the whole table by dragging the resize handle
  • allow deleting and editing the selected table
  • ease of use when dragging, copy and pasting tables

Column/Row resizing UI and options

  • Measurement box while dragging a column/row border
  • Double-click border to enter column/row dimension numerically in measurement box
  • Shift to resize column alone (by dragging or by entering value numerically)
  • Option to equalize all columns/rows (by dragging or by entering value numerically)
  • “Snap” to center when moving a table horizontally by dragging

Table commands

  • Accessible via the table palette and the contextual menu. New commands include:
    • Center Table Horizontally
    • Add Row/Column Before/After (replacing “Add row/column”)
    • Equalize Column Width/Row Heights (replacing “Equalize” which would try to equalize both or guess)
    • Remove Text formatting – remove any overrides in the cell text, returning to the styling defined in the table style
  • Improved logic for Cell splitting, merging and adding rows and columns:
    • If possible, the cell is split on an existing border rather then always adding a border in the exact middle of the cell
    • Proper and sensible handling of cell borders ensuring that outer border attributes remain for the outer borders and inner borders remain for the inner borders

Page style editor header/footer text editor improvements

  • Full support for all table and image editing options
  • Proper undo support
  • Proper context menu support
  • Proper support for drag and drop
  • Proper support for editing inlines (hyperlinks)

Context menu improvements

  • More consistent options for Text boxes
  • Removed irrelevant items when invoking context menu in small text editors around the app (formatting files etc.)

Server based Trial Mechanism

  • No user option to reset trial
  • “real” 30 days or trial and not just counting the days since the first activation
  • App completely blocked after trial ends
  • Records start and end dates of trial

Trial/Registration improvments

  • New registration prompt screen
  • “Trial strip” on window top with buy button
  • Showing “Thank you” window after registering in the app instead of going to the website
  • A/B testing for “Buy” button, at first startup the app decides if it will go to the web site or use the in-app purchase option when clicking “buy”

Bug Fixes

  • Proper handling of table borders when sorting tables
  • adjusted drawing of regex inlines to allow showing the cursor on the leading edge
  • added docx to document types list. Allows Mellel to show up in the “open with” popup menu for docx files
  • Fixed an issue that caused a generic style name (Helvetica 12 etc.) to show up in Preferences/Comment attribues or in line numbering attributes in section palette
  • Fixes an issue where clicking “Add Record” in the Quick Index panel would always create the record in the chosen index in the index pane, ignoring the chosen index in the quick panel pane
  • Fixed many issues with cursor management in text boxes inside tables
  • Checking if we are actually getting the mac script table (normally we dont). Fixes an issue that caused Mellel to crash when working with some old system 7 mac true type fonts


  • (iOS) vastly improved performance in the document selector and document editing for iPads with iCloud folders containing many items.
  • (iOS) Restored Mellel icon on launch screen
  • (iOS) Fixed a bug that caused Mellel to crash when pasting verses from OliveTree Bible study (and possibly other applications)
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue that allowed making selections beyond the text end, which would lead to crashes when trying to delete this text
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