Release Notes Latest

Release Notes Latest

Details about Mellel 4.1.2 (May 23, 2018)

  • Rewritten “Attributes Replace” to scan all parts of the document (Auto-title setup, notes, style set), dig inside headers/footers and inside document styles
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to fail to save and crash with documents containing an empty string for “see” or “see also” in the index
  • Fixed an issue that caused PDF export to an external disk to produce PDF documents without a table of contents
  • Fixed an issue that caused small caps to be applied on the whole final citation when doing a bibliography scan if the format specifies small caps at the beginning of the final citation
  • Fixed an issue that caused comments to be cut off when printing while annotation pane is visible
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to crash and behave erratically when using “fit width/page” zoom in Hebrew interface
  • Some adjustments and improvements to the way sizing of table views (Outline, Index etc) is handled relative to the scroll view scrollers
  • Removing forcing of “txt” file extension when exporting to plain text, allows to set any extension
  • Using the current selection as a starting point for a citation when inserting a citation manually
  • Many revisions and corrections to the Hebrew UI, Correct RTL interface in Hebrew localisations for Story Pane, Index Pane, Preferences, “Welcome to Mellel” window and template browser
  • Fixed some memory leaks, and some misc bugs.

Details about Mellel 4.1.1 (April 8, 2018)

  • Fixed an issue that broke support for Type 1 fonts.
  • Correctly importing old style text boxes in DOCX documents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused very heavy underline/strikethrough weight to appear with some fonts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused failure to open DOCX files produced by Ulysses.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to fail to open some DOCX documents containing numbered lists with the error “delegate aborted”.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tab/margin tracking guides to remain on screen after tracking.
  • Fixed some issues with identifying bold and italic text in some DOCX documents.
  • Fixed some issues where a font would not be correctly matched when importing DOCX documents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Mellel to fail to identify bullet style list in DOCX documents.

Details about Mellel 4.1.0 (March 19, 2018)

New Features

  • Native DOCX import
  • Character tracking
  • Auto-kerning for most TT fonts
  • Minimum word spacing


  • Outline
    • alternating colour for outline items
    • no double indent for wrapping outline items
    • no room reserved for outline item icon if no icon is used
    • option to truncate outline items instead of wrapping the lines
    • better distinction to the remark in outline items by using a vertical line next to it
    • limiting outline item indent (normally based on font size)
    • “soft-click” (click after a pause on a selected item) on outline items will enter editing only when clicking on the the actual text of the item, clicking outside will navigate to the beginning of the section
  • Auto-title palette
    • Auto-title palette now showing the flow level of selected Auto-title with a checkmark next to the flow name when an Auto-title is selected in text
    • Auto-title palette now effects and reflects the selection in the outline pane
  • Auto-indent
    • continuation paragraphs as explicit attributes
    • allowing to set continuation paragraph indent and margin per auto-title level
    • allowing to override continuation level indent and margin in document and save it into the auto-title setup
    • indent/outdent for multi-paragraphs (indenting auto title paragraphs as auto-title paragraphs and continuation paragraphs as continuation paragraphs)
    • indicating level of auto-title paragraph or continuation paragraph in auto-title palette
    • applying levels using palette by manipulating the level of auto-title or continuation according to the type of paragraph
  • Story
    • Story points are drawn on their own line with a default font and default alignment and margin with a background and lines along the sides.
    • Preferences option to set the font size for story points
    • “soft-click” on story points in the pane will only enter editing if the click is within the text of the title. Otherwise it will navigate to the story point
  • reduced minimum width for auxiliary pane (outline, index, story)
  • adjusted layout for character palette, popover and style editor
  • adjusted layout for character palette, popover and style editor
  • improved spacing for preferences toolbar, avoiding clashes and truncation of item names in certain localisation
  • removed registration prompt from “Welcome to Mellel” window
  • simpler and clearer registration prompt
  • better display of checkmark/minus in selected table cells in the palettes
  • ruler – drawing and allowing to click tabs that lie beyond the frame
  • ruler – Added some fudging when calculating opposite tab so we can catch the tab even if it is right on the frame edge or a little beyond
  • RTF/DOCX import font matching: looking up the “Regular” face when font name is family name instead of taking the first family member

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused strikethrough to be drawn at the bottom of the letters instead of the middle under High Sierra
  • Fixed an issue that caused story points names not to be updated after editing the name in the pane and pressing return
  • Fixed an issue that caused “diamond” styles to appear in a document after adding an index style to the style set
  • Fixed a bug that caused pressing the “Superscript” checkbox for note symbol attributes in the edit note style not to have any effect
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Open in Mellel” service not to function
  • Fixed an issue that caused changes to remarks in story character and story location to be lost when clicking on some other element in the pane
  • Fixed an issue that caused the style set list to be shown unsorted in the menu and style set editor list under High Sierra
  • Corrected tooltip for Increase/Decrease level buttons in outline pane for both the command name and keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed an issue that caused changes in image title filed to be lost when dismissing the image edit popover without first moving to a different field or pressing enter
  • Fixed a problem that made image/text box action buttons to look bad on non-retina displays.
  • Fixed an issue that caused notes with the “below text” position to be exported to RTF as endnotes rather then footnotes
  • Correctly importing “below text” footnotes as below text and not as “bottom of page” footnotes from RTF
  • Fixed an issue that would cause bibliography scanning to override character attributes applied to citation if said attributes were applied when the citation was in final form
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mellel to reject a user name when activating Mellel if the user name is copied along with a terminating CR or LF
  • Fixed an issue that caused “diamond” styles to appear in the paragraph and character style lists following working with edit Auto-title flows sheet or even switching between apps.
  • Many localisation fixes, especially with the German localisation
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