What Customers Say

What Customers Say

Has Mellel changed the way you write? Send your story. With a selfie. We’ll take care of the rest. Email lorence@mellel.com
Together with the reference manager Bookends, Mellel has not only served me extremely well for writing and preparing the camera-ready copy of my book on the St. Petersburg Rock scene, but also for numerous conference papers and articles, as well as teaching material. Unlike other word processors I know, I can focus on writing while Mellel keeps the references, formatting, cross references, titles, etc. the way I want them to be.
David-Emil | Professor of Popular Music History - Popakademie Baden-Württemberg
I write books in different languages, about different cultures. I like Mellel because it allows me to move between languages in a very easy way.
Tuvia Tenenbom | Der Spiegel Best-selling Author
I'm an academic, thus a professional writer. Mellel is by far the best word processing program I've ever used. I've been writing with it for 4 years. I never had any trouble. Actually, I only use other word processors when I have to.
Terri | PhD, Environmental Studies - University of Florida
One of the key aspects of my thesis writing was powerful, flexible, and reliable software. From the very first month of my PhD, I heeded to use Mellel as my text editor. Combined with Bookends, the citation manager, it's a real workhorse of a tool. If you're a Mac user, don't hesitate to switch, and I'll even share my style-set with you! I genuinely believe that, if you're a Mac user, this will make your life much easier.
Peter | PhD, New Testament Studies - University of Cambridge
I use Mellel for all my writing – be it academic publications, newspaper articles or simple letters and it has never let me down. Besides the fact that all of Mellel's features are really well-thought-out, I particularly treasure its stability. This application is rock solid; data loss or corrupted files are unknown to Mellel users.
Simon | Film scholar and journalist - Zürich, Switzerland
Of course research takes time, but Mellel makes it much easier, more enjoyable. At the end of the day, it saves a ton of time. I couldn't recommend Mellel enough for writers, researchers interested in getting a crisp final product.
Neil | PhD, History - University of Cambridge
I'm an academic. I write for a living. I finished my PhD dissertation with Mellel. Mellel's style system kept me from losing my mind. Thank you.
Kevin | PhD, Cognitive Psychology - Texas A&M University
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