SummerFest 2022
Sat 25 June 2022

This is the fourth time we're participating in the “Festival of Artisanal Software,” where the independent makers of some of the best productivity/creativity Mac applications join forces to give you very refreshing discounts and other goodies.

SummerFest is not a bundle and there’s no minimum order or any strings attached. If you already have Mellel, you are sure to find some other app that will make you more productive and your life easier, and if you don’t have Mellel or need an upgrade, then SummerFest is a great opportunity to get Mellel at a ridiculously low price.

How do you get all this goodness? Hop on to the SummerFest website here to see all the offers. You can also go to our store and use SUMMERFEST2022 coupon at checkout to receive a 25 percent discount. The SUMMERFEST2022 coupon is applicable to all products sold directly, including upgrades and the Mellel + Bookends bundle.

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