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The following templates are offered here by Mellel as a courtesy service. If you have templates you wish to share with other users of Mellel, please send them to us and we'll upload them to the site and refer to them in this section.

Installing templates: Simply open any template, and then choose File > Save As Template... You'll be able to set the template's name, where it will be saved (Category/folder), the thumbnail, and add a description to the template.

Hebrew Script
A template suitable for scripts in Hebrew. (February 2014)
APA 6th
A template suitable for the American Psychological Association 6th edition Publication Manual, courtesy of Adam Bowker, Penn State University. (April 2010)
APA-Nature template
Created following "Nature" specification.
Book Template
A template for book, complete with styles and a style set. Courtesy of Fabio Sirna.
Business plan template for a sole trader
or individual selling professional services. This has everything in it. Just fill in the blanks. By Chris Reed.
Esperanto templates
Default templates for Russian.
SBL term paper Template
Courtesy of Danny Zacharias.
Created following the Turabian Guide (6th edition) by Rick Mansfield.
Scripting template
A simple script writing template by Bruno Hausheer-Novikova.
Social Sciences Political Sciences template
Template created by Dr. Joachim K. Rennstich that includes ready-made outlining and styles. Greared towards starndard paper appearance.
Students of law schools (swiss) german scientific report
The template is in German, but can be used by all, of course. By Stefan Stumpf (December 2008).

Mellel Guide

Mellel's guide comes with every copy of Mellel you download. You can open it via Help > Mellel Guide from within Mellel. To learn a little big more about how the guide was created in Mellel, you might find it useful to download this copy of Mellel in Mellel format.

Mellel Guide in Mellel format
Mellel Guide in Mellel format (zipped), updated to version 5.1 (February 2022).
Mellel Guide in PDF format
Mellel Guide in PDF format, updated to version 5.1 (February 2022).

Keyboard Layouts

The following keyboard layouts can be downloaded directly from this site. The keyboard layouts are a contribution by Mellel users.
Note: Mellel tested and found these layouts to be working correctly. However, Mellel cannot guarantee that they will satisfy your needs, and we will not provide support for them. If you need support using any of these keyboard layouts, please contact its distributor. The keyboard layouts are ordered alphabetically, by language.

Czech keyboard layout
ntended for foreigners learning Czech. Courtesy of Sorin Paliga, PhD, Slavic Department, University of Bucharest, September 8, 2009.
Esperanto Keyboard layout
Courtesy of Donald Broadribb, February 8, 2010.
Etruscan keyboard
Courtesy of Sorin Paliga, PhD, Slavic Department, University of Bucharest, September 8, 2009.
Glagolitic and Staroslavjanski keyboard layout
Updated to the latest Unicode standard. Courtesy of Sorin Paliga, PhD, Slavic Department, University of Bucharest, September 8, 2009).
Keyboard layout, courtesy of Menasheh Steiglitz.
Persian keyboards for Mac OS X
including Persian and FarsiPC keyboard layouts.
Persian, Urdu and Kurdish keyboard layouts
For Mac OS X, courtesy of Behnam, August 3, 2007.
Romanian keyboard
Courtesy of Florin Neumann from Romania.
Romanian Keyboard layouts
Including qwertz, azerty, programmers, legathy, PC and more, courtesy of Sorin Paliga, PhD, Slavic Department, University of Bucharest, September 8, 2009.
US Academic keyboard
courtesy of Sorin Paliga, PhD, Slavic Department, University of Bucharest, September 8, 2009.
Uyghur-Arabic Unicode Keyboard layout
For Mac OS X.


Following are an application that will enable you to create (or Edit) hyphenation dictionaries for Mellel, and a collection of hyphentation dictionaries you can use as a model or basis for creating your own.

Mellel Hyphenation Lab (MHL)
An application that will enable you to create and open Mellel's hyphenation files, edit then, test them, and of course save them (updated to version 1.1, December 26, 2014)
Mellel's Hyphenation dictionaries (uncompiled)
Uncompiled files (i.e., the dictionaries) created with Mellel's Hyphenation Lab.
Mellel's Hyphenation dictionaries (compiled)
Compiled versions of the dictionaries, for reference (or re-installing, if you've lost or damaged the originals. (updated July 2017)


Following are several font files to be used with Mellel. Those are provided as-is.

XW Zar fonts
A collection of Opentype Arabic fonts covering Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Kurdish, old (Ottoman) and new Turkish (Roman) languages with 'Open Type' and 'Apple Advanced Typography' technology support (Courtesy of Behnam).
Useful PDF
Detailing Masterfont's Hebrew fonts supporting OpenType (and thus pointing marks and trope marks).
CTAN.org fonts
Fonts converted to Mac format, courtesy of Robert F. Scheyder. Look up the license here. A great collection of OpenType fonts and others (updated August 31, 2007).
CTAN.org fonts Part B
See above
CTAN.org fonts Part C
See Above


Download our most wonderful gibberish generator, complete with tools to create your own lorem ipsum.

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